Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second CBT Videos

This is some videos from Korean CBT well some way to spend time waiting for the delayed OBT for RO2 SEA…… Gosh!!! Asiasoft…

Cooking and some other stuff~~~ U wanna be a chef??


Character creation ~ what hair colour or style you are choosing??? Im going for black or white


LvL 50 and dungeon raid time !!!!!


I wish all of you Asgardians a happy new year and also see you in game soon ~~~


Ragnarok Online 2 SEA OB

Well well a great day ~ Spoiled by Asia Soft……..

The open beta time keep on delaying due to the fail hosting ability of Asia soft, there are so many players flooding the RO2 Facebook page and myself feeling bored…..

Please let us play in a smooth server!!!!!  After so many years of waiting…..


Merry Christmas guys!!


Merry Christmas and a happy new year guys, Oniplayer almost 2 months old from now and I really thank all the readers and visitors.

I humbling wishes everyone of you will be safe and healthy with your families and love ones.

I hope that everyone of you will share your love and caring to those who are underprivileged as happiness should be with everyone. 

Here’s some photos for you guys : )  Enjoy this holiday ~  



duck-face-christmas-cosplay-011 pet01 pet02 pet05 pet79 vocaloid-xmas-6

Expecting the Unexpected: A Review of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey

Freak of Nature

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey - Martin Freeman Going Outside

There have been a lot of reviews already about The Hobbit, I know this because my dad sent me a ton of them. Nearly all of them were mixed reviews but after reading all of them and being pestered about how different this movie was going to be and how many critics hadn’t liked it I threw up my hands in frustration. I said “You know what? The only review that matters is mine”, now I’m not saying that in all of the internet the only opinion that counts for anything is mine (I’m not that egocentric) what I’m saying is that I wasn’t going to be pushed around and my viewpoint changed just by what some critic said. I’m going to watch it for myself and then make my own opinion, only then will I have a review that I feel is accurate. I suggest that anyone who…

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

R. Tyler Horner

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’m a Tolkien guy, but I wasn’t always one.  I read The Fellowship of the Ring about a week before seeing the first movie and really hadn’t ever considered reading it before then.  I found that book good, but oddly slow moving so when I went to see the movie I had rather meager expectations.  Then I sat in a San Antonio, TX movie theater and watched one of the most awe-inspiring movies I had seen.  The book literally came to life (with a few things left out and the end of the movie being a chapter into The Two Towers, but I digress) and it made me want to read the other two as well as The Hobbit again every time a new movie in the series came out.  I’ll admit that I’m not the quintessential Tolkien fan because the movies drove my desire to read…

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Arial Combat

Halo Custom Edition Reviews


Arial Combat is a large map that was created by MoD Wrath. This map’s main focus is a wide selection of custom vehicles and weapons. What the map lacks in scenery and detail, it makes up for in sheer creativity.

Arial Combat’s scenery is very simple, and it draws a lot away from the map. The map is symmetrical. Each team starts on a tall platform that rises out of the ocean. These contain various aerial vehicles, and both of these platforms have an inner chamber that holds even more vehicles and weapons. In the center of the map there is a flat island for further battling, and along the edge of the map there are two sniper posts. The city design at each base is an interesting addition, but it does not make up for the plain textures on most of the buildings and background. To be fair, the…

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My Journey from Froyo to Jelly Bean



I wanted to give everybody my initial impressions of my new LG Nexus 4 and Jelly Bean (that’s an operating system for those not in the know).

Before I get to those thoughts, I’ll give a little background on where I came from. My original phone that did anything other than take photos and send texts or multimedia messages was a Blackberry Curve on Verizon Wireless. While not a touchscreen, I thought this phone was great. It had Google Maps (no turn by turn Thanks Verizon!), productivity apps, games, instant email, PIN messages and insane battery life. One downfall was typically having to pull the battery after any application install or removal. I left the RIM world and purchased an HTC Incredible on contract with Verizon. My Dinc has been a great phone and I really would not have any complaints up until the past few months–no updates, poor battery…

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Being marginalized and drinking alone

Mirror Universe

Academic Excellence Challenge team comes
in second at weekend competition
There are some important differences between Luka and Miku
Source: There are some important differences
between Luka and Miku
. (J-List)

“The JCCC Academic Excellence Challenge team brought home second place from the Snow Bowl competition held Dec. 1 at Cowley College.

After seven rounds of play, the team finished with a 5-2 record, with its only losses being to tournament winner Redlands Community College from El Reno, Okla.
Next up for the team is the National Academic Quiz Tournaments Sectional Qualifier, to be held Jan. 21 at Cloud Community College.

Team members are Trevor Crookston, Sydney Harvey, Shirshal Jagtap, Matthew Kelley, Frida Lara, Annie Lynn, Jared Mullis and Kurt Partridge. The team is coached by Mindy Kinnaman.”

For safety’s sake: Material safety data sheets available onlineHey, a Leica camera! I’ve been wanting one...
Source: Hey, a Leica camera! I’ve been wanting one of those. (J-List)

“Material safety data sheets (MSDS)…

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