Dragon Nest SEA Gigantes Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Gigantes Guide by Mira and Reind

Goals of this guide: So that everyone can have a easier time in Gigantes Nest, and crafting materials will be cheaper.

Ticket to enter : Fake Criminal’s Badge (my own literal translation)
Can be gotten from lvl 40-50 abyss dungeons

Rewards: Gigantes Set Equipment, Gigantes Set Materials, lvl 50 suffix crafting essences, lvl 50 enhancement heraldry. Gigantes Hell entry ticket.

Overall Nest Process:

When you enter the nest, a portal to one out of 4 random stages will appear. After each stage is cleared, the whole party is randomly transported to the other 3 stages, until you clear all 4 stages, unlocking the boss room.

Hidden room: unlocks when you gather 3 plates from each of the stages. Gives extra rewards.

Full Guide:

Stage 1: Gas Chamber


Stage Mechanic:
When you enter this room, an intruder alarm automatically rings,  and the first wave of monsters is spawned.Move towards the tiles that will light up in a straight line (light blue colour). A timer of 5 secs will start counting down. At the end of the tiles, activating the switch(a small statue) will activate the safe zone. A gate will automatically close, blocking anyone else from coming into the safe zone. When the timer ends, poison gas is released into the whole room except the safe zone, this is a guaranteed death if your not in the safe zone. This mechanic will repeat every 30-45secs until all 3 waves of monsters are cleared.

When all 3 waves of monsters are cleared, the boss of this room will spawn.

Known Attacks:

  • Claw Swipe
  • Howl: Howls, than spikes will slowly start chasing you. Keep moving to evade.
  • Rapid Claw Combo: Swipes you a lot at melee range than knocks you back.
  • Jump and claw combo: Jumps and than lands on the ground, than quickly does a lot of rapid claw swipes, ending with a small explosion.
  • Spikes: Summon lots of spikes in an AOE around him. High Damage
  • Homing Green Ball: After x3hp . Summons a homing green ball to chase the player with the highest aggro. Behind the homing green ball is a lot of spikes following it. The ball has high speed and will flinch/knockdown when it hits a player.

When this boss is killed, the portal to next stage will appear.

Hidden plate of this stage: The two rune tigers that spawn at the 3rd wave (before boss) must be killed within 5 secs of the other dying.

Stage 2: Cube Boss


Stage mechanic is simple, defeat the Cube Boss to win.
Cube boss has high defenses.

Known Attacks:

  • Confusion Ball: Shoots purple projectiles around the room. If your hit by it, all your direction keys are reversed. (Up becomes down, left becomes right, etc). Also does some damage.
  • Fire, Ice or Light Balls: Continuously spin and shoot little balls at the highest aggro player. Does medium damage. Ice type balls will slow on hit.
  • Phoenix: Summons 2 books on the left and right of itself, Each book will shoot 2 phoenixes towards the front.
  • Spinning Blades: Swords appear on the side of the cubes, and it starts to spin. Melee range attack. Easily avoidable.
  • Laser Beam: Your typical cube beam. Rarely seen though. Powerful.
  • Activate trap: Random statues will press down upon the area. Avoiding stepping on the shadows to dodge. High damage. (Animation before cast: Blue lightning around cube)
  • Activate trap EX: More statues and longer duration than the normal traps Very high damage(-20k x 3-4 hits) Avoid the middle of the room and shadows on the ground. Will only activate after x3 (Animation before cast: Purple lighting around cube)
  • Teleport: Does this everytime it activates the trap. Randomly teleports to another side of the room.

Hidden plate of this stage: Defeat the cube boss within 60secs.

Stage 3: Mummy’s Ghoul Disco


Note: using a mod for the dancing disco stage XD. Those sounds will normally not appear.

Stage Mechanic: Memorising game.The mummy ghoul will activate the disco. There are 4 rounds. Each round, the statues will make sounds in a pattern. If you manage to do the same exact pattern, your given a speed buff. If you fail to create the same pattern, your slowed significantly and more/harder monsters will be summoned. Monsters will spawn after each round. Clear the monsters to move on to the next round. The patterns will grow in difficulty each round.

Monsters: Typical Skeleton and Ghouls, Undead Minos. Watch out for the blue ghouls that freeze

After 4 rounds, the boss will spawn. Kill him to clear the stage
Boss has high movement speed.

Known attacks:

  • Fire Grenade: Throws a fire grenade. Explodes on impact. Burns. Slow casting.
  • Ice Grenade: Same as above, freezes
  • Bandage Grab: Kinda like Acro’s binding shot. Disables skills and movement when binded.
  • Double Swipe: Melee Range. Looks harmless but very painful (~20k per hit)
  • Spits poison: Spits poison at a high angle in a cone around him. Painful. Poisons player.
  • Dance: Yellow spots will appear below the player and the boss will make a dancing animation. If the player is still standing in the yellow lights after 1.5sec, he will be forced to dance. Use A-D to escape dancing.
  • Summon Coffins: Happens after he reaches a certain hp threshold(think x3- x2). A coffin will be summoned, repeatedly summoning waves of undead if not destroyed. A poison tower is also summoned, which spits poison at intervals (~30k damage)

Hidden plate of this stage: All 4 patterns must be done correctly, and before the boss died, no coffin should be on the field. If these 2 conditions are fulfilled, when the switch(statue) at the spawnpoint is activated after the boss dies, another dance pattern will play. If this is done correctly, the hidden plate will appear (refer to video)

Stage 4: Flower Garden


Stage Mechanic: When you enter the room, there will be 3 cannons. Monsters in this room have VERY high hp, your normal skills will not do much damage. Use the cannons to defeat the monsters!

Using the Cannons:

  • Left click to shoot bullets. Fires very fast and at a very high speed. Short recharge. Damage: 160-220k per hit
  • Right click to shoot a ball that Time Stops monsters around it.
  • Esc to exit cannon.

Waves of monsters will spawn. Just rape them using the cannons. Not hard with a 4 person party.

Monsters to watch out for:

  • Rolling trolls(Irritating)
  • Exploding Zombie(The explosion is painful, you’ll see them charging it).
  • Assay Shamans (Slows you and the black hole is painful)
  • Flowers: These explode after they are hit certain times, dealing enormous damage in a small AOE around them.

It is recommended that paladin or priest lure all the mobs into the middle as the cannons cannot turn more than 180degrees (unable to shoot stuff behind you)

After killing most of the mobs, the Boss(Stone Golem) and 2 miniboss (boss of west armory) will spawn

The minibosses will fire lasers at you. Painful. Long Range. Shoot 3 times.

Known Boss Attacks:

  • Throw Rock: Like the Stone Golem of manticore nest. Will one hit you if it explodes on you. Significant damage even if your hit by the scattered rocks
  • Ground Punch: Punches the ground, causing rocks to fall down in front of where his fist landed.
  • Earthquake: Prepares itself by shaking, than jumps and hits the ground. ~50k damage. Can be avoided by jumping. Huge AOE
  • Roll: Rolls towards the person with the highest aggro.
  • Fissure: Raises the ground in a straight line in front of him. Medium Horizontal AOE, very long ranged. Can be avoided using iframes.
  • Eruption: Boss glows red, flames appear on him with a red circle around him and starts doing the same animation as Earthquake. A eruption will happen after a few secs. To dodge this, Dont stay in the red circle. Ignores Highlander.

After you defeat the golem, the stage is cleared. You do not need to care about the minibosses or other monsters.

Hidden plate of this stage: Not sure about it. Rumors are that you must either: Destroy all the flowers/ Or the boss must die under sunlight…Or it might just be random.

Hidden Stage: Room of Greed

unlocks when 3 plates are gotten.

Link to hidden stage video here: http://youtu.be/7WnEWz_Rhgo (its kinda shaky)

There are a lot of RCs in this stages. All are fake except one. You must find the real one within 60secs. Fake RCs turns into mimics after opened. Just ignore them.

The real RC will drop these items and gold at random rates:

Lvl 50 enhancement plate
Gigantes Crafting materials (green and blue)
Epic essences for crafting suffix on lvl 50 equipment

Boss Stage: Gigantes Baha

The floor will open when all 4 stages are cleared, revealing a staircase leading downwards. At the end of the tunnel lies Gigantes, an ancient weapon created by the Ancients.


Known Attacks:

x5 – x4

  • Punch Ground
  • 180 degree Rocket Barrage: Can only hit the front
  • Charge: Charges the player with highest aggro. Keep moving to dodge
  • Big Blue Bomb: Shoots a blue bomb from his stomach to the ground. Big AOE explosion. AOE is bigger than it seems.

Around x4 – x3

New skills:

  • Summon Time Bomb: Summons a bomb in the middle of the map. It must be destroyed before it explodes. If it explodes, all party member’s hp will be reduced to 1. The bomb has a hp bar that can be seen below gigantes hp bar.
  • Black Hole: Sucks you in. No damage.
  • Quake: Jumps and slams the ground.

Around x3 and below

New skills:

  • Big Blue Atomic Bomb: Shoots a big blue missle from its center that splits into several small missles on impact, hitting a bigger AOE than the Big Blue Bomb.
  • Spinning Rocket Barrage: Shoots rockets while spinning 360 degrees. Stick near or very far from the boss to dodge. 180 degree rocket barrage will no longer be casted.
  • Arm Swipe: Will activate when players are in melee range. Swipes its sides, creating an explosion after awhile
  • Twin Blue Laser: Rarely casted, 2 blue lasers will shoot out from its head just like how Archbishop’s Golem 2 laser is casted

Around x2 and below

New skills:

  • Big Punch: Punches the ground, wider AOE, high damage
  • Gigantic Slam: Slams the ground, throwing all players up. A blue circle will appear below the player with the highest aggro, exploding after awhile. High damage. Make sure not to waste your aerial evasion after x2!

This will be the end of this guide. Good Luck clearing Gigantes!

Dragon Nest SEA Gold Farming guide

Dragon Nest SEA Hybrid FTG Gold Farming Guide by Arrogance

I would like to share a few tips on how to decently earn gold with the Hybrid FTG system. With this guide, you will most likely earn 500-800g in an afternoon/a couple of hours, probably even more if you are lucky. But this won’t be just a guide that will point you to where you should grind all day. I’m going to aim to teach you how to properly manage your resources, how you can save gold, so you can focus your finances on more important things.

Keep in mind that this guide might not be for everyone/every character. There are other ways to earn gold and there are also different factors that might affect the results. I’m also not going to do videos and show how to run dungeons. There are other people who are better at that.

Basically what I’m saying is this is just a simple guide to constantly earn gold decently till you hit the jackpot drop. Luck plays a big role in getting gold in this game. One day you are strugling to complete your set, the next day you get a 3rd stat FD plate and complete everything. Some days you really just get really lucky, and this guide will help you earn on a constant rate so you can get decent equips, till you get yourself that one lucky drop.

First things first, before thinking of earning gold, you might want to consider the following:

Get Your Character to the Level Cap ASAP

Whenever an apprentice asks me how he can earn gold and get good equips like mine, I always tell them to focus on getting to max level first. This is because your income will jumpstart once you get to max level, even with the new FTG sytem. But wait, your FTG consumption is greatly hightened when you reach level cap right? Yes, that is correct. But even still the benefits still outweigh the disadvantages:

  • You have better skills especially your ultimate skill, which mean you can clear dungeons faster.
  • You can now participate in nests, which will jumpstart your earnings because of the chance to get epic plates and, if lucky, get FD plates worth more than 10k.
  • Chaos runs will be easier.
  • You can now start getting apprentices and earn more gold from there, which solves the FTG problem.

Before you get to max level, do not buy any expensive items. Restrain yourself from buying low level sets and save your gold. I would even recommend using overupgraded green equips till you are max level. Why? It’s because once you hit the level cap, all the stuff that you bought will be mediocre and rendered useless compared to what equipment you can wear when you hit max level. In grinding parties, no one will care if you are only wearing green equips, especially now when it’s so easy to reach max level with the new Hybrid FTG system. Once you hit the level cap, that’s the time to get your first rare set. Try to at least upgrade your rare sets to +8. That should be enough for you to participate in nests.

Get a Decent Guild

A guild composed of real life friends is the best guild that you can join. If you don’t have friends who play, join a guild that will help you in nest parties no matter what gear you have. There are other more hardcore guilds out there who require really good gear and check out your skills in PVP before letting you join. Stay away from these hardcore guilds. I’m not saying they are not good guilds, but these guilds are not what you need at the moment. You will get to that level someday.

But for now what you need is a good guild that will help you grow along with them. If the guild is good, you do not need epic equipment to join their nesting parties, they will not curse you for dieing once at Archbishop Normal, they will share the crystals/extracts in nests and they will join you in farming dungeons/RC hunts. In these guilds, the members are trustworthy enough to let you use their guild storage, or let them handle each other’s equips, which will play a big role in earning gold. More on that later.

Consider Buying A Pet

I bought a pet a couple of months ago and I’ve never been happier with the decision. It’s only 5500 CC and you don’t need to dress it up. I think it’s also a good way to say thank you to the publishers and the devs for bringing this awesome game to you.

If you don’t have ways to buy one, ask your Dad for his credit card and tell him it’s an early Christmas present, ask your friend to buy you one and do him favors (do his homework, help him paint the house, anything), get a job at McDonnalds and buy one yourself..

I consider my pet to be much more important than my costume because pets makes farming so much easier even with the Hybrid FTG system. The pet pays for itself overtime and it makes everything so much faster. It also gives decent stat bonuses.

The pet food, Horn Of Life, costs 1000g at Westwood at the time of writing, that’s just one or two days of farming gold. You still have 28 days to maximize your pet. What I do is I always keep one Horn Of Life in my inventory and when the time comes when I need to use it, that means it’s time to farm gold and pay attention to my pet. Always check TH for Horn Of Life prices. Buy one when cheap. Consider it as an investment.

Focus On One MAIN Character Alone

I have guildmates who have multiple characters in one account, all of them max level. I know that having multiple characters would mean more nest runs (which greately increases the chance of getting good drops). But that would also mean you need to invest more time and gold with these characters. This will also compel you to give them the best equips like your main if you are OC like me.

I only have one main character and it already requires a lot of time and patience from me with the current content (and when you follow this guide). I’m not saying it’s not a good idea to get alternate characters, I just don’t think you need more than one character to earn decent amounts of gold. I only have one character, so all my gold are focused on him alone. It makes everything easier. Sure you can create a separate character if your main is slow at farming. But do not invest too much on it and still focus on your main.

Hardcore Gears Are Overrated 

As of writing and with the current cap, I can bravely say that harcore gears are overrated. By hardcore gear, I mean +10 nest sets with 1000k+ FD and max criticals. These setup is awesome if you can get them of course, but is it really needed? Right now, not really. With decent knowledge of current nest bosses, you can clear any nest with only +8 rares.

Yes, clearing Riverwort Ruins within 3 mins is cool, but does a couple of mins difference in dungeon clearing really matter? You may say that getting these sets are needed for SDN or for Guild Wars. But you will come to that, don’t worry about it. You might want to worry more about knowing the strategies involved in each SDN section rather than minding your equips, because clearing each SDN section is not as easy as releasing shamans at Archbishop nest.

What I’m basically saying is do not force yourself too much on getting the best equips immediately. Knowing this will lessen the pressure and keep yourself from purchasing items indiscriminately. Taking away the presure will let you invest your gold wisely. It will also make you enjoy the game more, because that’s what the game is all about. Having fun.

Now that you have the proper mindset, are you ready to earn some good gold? Before going further, I would like to say that there is no secret way in earning gold fast. As cliche as it may sound, it’s still all about hard work and lots of luck. If you want to earn gold, you need to work for it. Here are some of my ways in earning gold:

The Apprentice System

This is probably the most profitable way in earning gold as a beginner. When you hit the level cap, your FTG now consumes a lot faster. You will probably consume everything in about 4-5 runs, and no FTG means incredibly low drop rate. To get around this problem, you need to get a random low level player and assign them as your apprentice (click on them, then click master request). Running dungeons with an apprentice will give you almost unlimited FTG and unlimited durability. Plus, Abyss dungeons gives you free Dimensional Keys when you finish them with an apprentice, which you can sell for more gold.

There are two ways to utilize the apprentice system:

Boosting lowbies at DTMI

You do this by getting apprentices at Calderock Ch1, then running Sigh Canyon and DTMI with your apprentice til he is lvl24. Here you get a chance to get low level skill plates.

These skill plates are actually a lot more expensive compared to mid level dungeons because more types of characters need them. Noteworthy would be warrior’s Side Kick Plates. DTMI is also a pretty straightforward map and it has mobs that are tightly packed and easy to take out. You also don’t need to kill everything here. With decent gear you can clear both dungeons in less than 2 mins, even around 1:20 if you are fast. In an afternoon you can probably farm about 30-40 stamps, even more, which you can use to seal plates or High Grade Codes.

The benefits of doing low level boosting are:

  • You get lots of Incomplete Stamps which can be used to seal High Grade Codes. Where do you get High Grade Codes? More on that later.
  • Since you get free Keys every run, you also get to farm Fragments of Skills, which can be traded to epic skill pouch at your local heraldry scholar. Level 50 skill plates are quite expensive now. Getting skill plates through Fragments mean you don’t need to spend gold to buy them, so you can invest your gold on more important things. You can also sell the Fragments at NPCs for gold but for me, it’s still better to keep them and exchange it for skill pouches. With one afternoon you should be able to farm around 600-800 Fragments, even more. Which mean at least one low level skill pouch per afternoon. That’s like one guaranteed gold bunny per day. Speaking of gold bunnies…
  • You get a chance to encounter gold bunnies, which means more skill plates of course. How do you sell these skill plates? By using Inc stamps. Skill plates only need a couple of seals. Just make sure to seal the expensive ones. Just NPC sell the other lesser plates
  • You get green NPC gifts which can be exchanged for guild points. More on this later.
  • You may also get Low Grade Diamond codes which you can use to spark Fatal Kara Rings. A Kara ring with critical and atk pot still costs around 1k+ gold.
  • If you have a pet, you will also earn additional cash from all the rough gems and random loots that you get. Set the party looting at free for all and all ordinary drops will be yours. The apprentices wont mind this because they are focused on leveling anyway.
  • Again, how can you forget getting one extra key per run when you have a lowbie with you? (I’m not talking about the payment but the extra one you get when you have a lowbie)

Ordinary Agate Farming

This is the traditional way of farming for gold and I want to include this because it is still effective if you know how to adapt in the new Hybrid FTG system. The most popular right now (courtesy of Kazu) is Forsaken Islet Core Masters. Even at 0 FTG you can still get 6-8 agates per run.

But I think it’s just better to do it with an apprentice. Because of the new cap, you may now apprentice up to lvl39 players. Get a lvl32 apprentice and farm FIC Masters all the way. When I do this I can get at least 13-15 stacks of agates in just a couple of hours with my pet. That should still net you a couple of hundred gold.

The NPC Gifting System

A lot of people neglect the NPC Gifting system for some reason. When you gift NPCs, you earn guild points which can be exchanged at Dishonest Merchand Pero for some neat stuff. Each NPC have different associations (and earns different points). Press Y for the details on each NPC’s affiliation and your current points.

Golden Goose points can give you VIP tickets to lessen repair costs and sell more from all the loot (especially important if you have a pet). Free Adventurer points also get you Octagonal Waters which costs 90-100g per 100pcs. But the most important one is the Cassius Palace points which can be exchanged for epic code pouches.

Cassius Palace point farming is probably the best way to save money when you start crafting your epic equipment because you no longer need to buy the epic codes. Not buying codes for your epic equipment means MORE money to spend for other things like overupgrades or stat plates. Unfortunately, for now, the Guild Shop doesn’t have high grade code pouches yet (CC removed it before the 50 cap update). So you still need to wait for CC to update that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save up on points. So how do you get gifts?

Again, boosting apprentices. Ord Agate/Fragment Farming and Gift Farming goes hand in hand because every silver bunny gives you two green gifts. Green gifts will give you 60 guild points each.

Whenever I boost apprentices at DTMI, for the whole afternoon I can collect at least 25-30 green gifts for Event Planner Irene alone (Cassius Palace points). Thats 1500-1800 Cassius points already. And thats just the gifts for Irene, not counting the gifts for other NPCs for more profit and the actual items that the NPC sends you everytime you give them a certain amount of gifts (these are usually rough or ordinary gems, waters, or just plain crap).

If you choose to grind at Forsaken Islet Core, you also get ordinary grade gifts, which again, can be gifted to NPCs all around Saint Heaven for about 20 points. Having a pet is especially important for this, though. When grinding at FIC, just turn on the Auto-Roll feature so you don’t need to press Y or N when you get loots (The auto-roll icon is above your 5th skill icon, at the left side of the mini-map. It looks like a small dice. Click that and click the check box)

Lotus Marsh Abyss Dungeon Grind

Lotus Marsh dungeons are longer and a bit harder than Saint Heaven dungeons. But the good thing about LM dungeons is you get “low level” royal chests when you complete certain requirements in runs. These low level chests are unlike the real royal chests (which nets you a ton of polished gems), but they still have the chance to yield High Grade Codes and one or two polished gems. The requirements are pretty easy to follow. Here’s an in-depth guide on each dungeon, courtesy of Vaahneon and TimeFox:


When grinding LM Abyss dungeons, party up with 3 other guild mates. One guild member should be low level so you won’t run out of FTG easily. If you don’t have one available, just get a random non-lvl50 player.

So which Lotus Marsh dungeon to grind? If you want to farm purely for High Grade Codes, just do Riverwort Ruins Abyss. But I would suggest grinding at Dragon Follower’s Base. This dungeon is a bit longer and may be a bit harder. But if you know how to dodge the boss’ attacks, with a party you may complete this in 4mins or less on average gears. The good thing about non-Riverwort Ruins dungeons is, apart from getting High Grade Codes, there is also a change to get green crafting mats, which are quite expensive (about 80g+ ea as per writing).

West Armory Abyss RC Grind

This method used to be an underground thing but a few people at GD spilled the beans and revealed it to everyone. Basically what you do is you run West Armory Abyss only until you get to open the “low grade” RC, which has a pretty good chance to drop polished gems, rare weapons, and High Grade Codes. Here’s how you do it:

  • Remove all your armors, just use your two weapons (so you wont spend too much on repairs)
  • Go to West Armory Abyss
  • When the first door opens, kill the first two mobs at the left and right side so the 2nd door will open
  • Run straight to the middle (passing over the red tiled floor) and destroy all walls in front of you (ignore the monsters first till you destroy all walls).
  • Destroying all the walls first will reveal the low grade RC chest (there will be an announcement and a distinct sound if you did it correctly). Now you need to kill the scepter monsters and the first Elf monsters from the first spawned mob. You don’t need to kill the box monsters and the newly spawned ones, only the original mob.
  • After killing the scepters and the elfs, new mobs will spawn at the north and two golems will be released from the small room at the north-east. This is where the low grade RC is located.
  • Run towards the RC, evading all monsters, and open the chest. Pick up all loots and then let yourself be killed.
  • Press F12, stage select, then repeat from step 2 until you need to repair your weapons.

This method, if done correctly, will give you a lot of polished gems, rare weapons, and a chance to get high grade codes from the low grade RC, even without FTG. It’s a lot faster than normal LM dungeon runs because you only need to clear half of Armory West (about 2 mins). The disadvantage of doing this is you wont be getting any green mats, and you need to dodge a lot because you wont be wearing any armors. But the chance of getting High Grade Codes is pretty high.

Chaos Runs

Chaos runs are not very profitable at the moment because we just got the new cap. Once the new 50 cap Chaos Dungeon arrives, it should also give you extra income.

Managing Seal Stamps

An easy and profitable way to dispose off all the epic items that you get from the farming that you did is to actually buy seal stamps at TH, seal the items then sell (You don’t say?).

Let me explain. What you do is when you buy seal stamps, making sure that you can sell these stamps again (Times in TH:2). For some reason, seal stamps become more expensive when there’s less of it in a stack. A 100 stack of seal stamps costs 55g per stamp (5500g) while a stack of 50 stamps costs 65g each (3250g). So always buy stacks of 100 stamps, then consume 50 stamps, and then sell the rest for even more profit!

What I do is I make sure I save up gold enough to buy 100 stack of seals everytime, so I can seal items and sell them off. After consuming/selling the seals, I buy another stack of seals, THEN that’s the time I buy my needed items from the profit that I gained from doing this. This way you wont have epic items clogging your storage and you always have a way to sell binded stuff.

Also when choosing what items to seal, make sure that the selling price of the items is more than the cost of sealing it. A High Grade Crystal Code should sell More than 220g each (if seals costs 55g each). Anything lower is not worth selling.

Playing the Market

Ultimately, the fastest way to earn large amounts of gold once you are able to save up a decent mount is to play the market and predict the changes in prices of items. This however requires experience and lots of gold. There are other guides out there that can better explain how to do this. But if you want to earn lots of gold, your goal is to be able to save up so you can play the market and triple your earnings.

Farm System

The farm system will yield a good amount of gold especially if you have the time to farm Revival Apples. There are other guides in this forum that can help you know more about the Farm System.


Complete all NPC Quests

It’s easier to earn guild points if you are able to gift everyting to all NPCs.Take the time to complete all NPC quests to unlock their gifting system, especially those who are in the palace (Cassius Palace members) and Lotus Marsh (Free Adventurer). But before doing that, make sure to…

Consume Your FTG First Before Doing Quests

This is so you’d be able to maximize the use of your FTG. Don’t just indescriminately consume your FTG by doing daily quests and after two abyss dungeons, whine in the forums about how FTG sucks, etc. Make use of your FTG wisely. Party up, don’t be a loner. If you insist on being one, don’t expect to earn gold as much like the others.

Spark Sealed Epic Items

If you dont know yet, you can actually spark items without unsealing them. So if you have extra High Grade Codes lying around, you may choose to buy epic equipment and spark them without unsealing so you can sell them off later. Or keep those epic items/accessories that you get from nests (they are sealed and ready to be sold off). I have a few bravery crystal codes lying around, so I decided to buy a Totem Sword for 2kg and spark it. I got an Atk Str Agi spark, so I sold the sword for 4kg. That’s what you call fast money. If you don’t get good sparks then just keep the equipment in your inventory and spark them again later

Create Merchants for Selling Wares

Create other characters for the sole purpose of using them as merchants to sell goods. An account can have max of 4 characters. Having 3 other merchant characters mean 90x more TH slots per week, and even more storage space for you. Transfer items by sending them thru mail, OR a better way is to ask you guild leader to invite the merchants in the guild so you can transfer items via guild storage. You don’t need a TH ticken when you do this. You have a trust-worthy guild, right?

Share Codes with Guildmates

One other good thing about having a trust-worthy guild is you can share your codes with each other. You only need the codes for your class anyway, so for your extra codes, you may use them to spark your guildmate’s sealed equipment at a lower fee. Or you can agree to sparking each other’s equipment (like you, they have a lot of codes lying around that they cannot sell). This way you don’t have to buy a lot of codes for your equipment. BUT, again, you need to be able to trust your guidmates with your gear. This is not possible with any other random guild. In fact, I don’t even recommend it if you do not know your guildmates in real life.

Manage your Apprentices

When the Hybrid FTG system arrived, a lot of people complained that they cannot farm with their apprentices because they always leave them after just a few runs, or they are always AFK when you need them. Well, for me it’s all about managing and taking care of your apprentices. When looking for apprentices to grind with, I NEVER ask them to pay me gold/keys. You will never get decent apprentices from this. I even give my apprentices all the low grade epic codes (except for diamonds). I also give them extra stuff after every session.

Because of this, my apprentices are always happy. They are willing to grind with me for the whole day. That is so much better compared to asking them to pay you keys every run and earn just a couple of gold, only to be left by your apprentice after just 5 runs and waste your apprentice slot for the day. When you take care of your apprentice, they will never leave you and you will never worry about the 3 apprentice limit. You can also rotate them. If they are not online and you want to grind, just send them a mail telling them you will just re-apprentice them later, expell them, then get another one.

Your apprentice will appreciate your efforts so much they wont even mind if you get all the loot whenever you grind. Trust me on this. When they are 50, they will still be thankful and you now have a trusty companion in nests.

Focus on Buying the Important Stuff First

Never buy things that will not help you in the long run. Mounts are cool and all but emblems are expensive and they are ultimately useless as of now. You don’t need to overupgrade your nest sets past +7 immediately. Try to reach the critical cap first so you can grind faster. Buy only the stuff that will help you even more.

I hope this guide will be able to help others who are still oblivious on how to earn gold with the FTG system. Again, like I said, there is no secret way in earning gold. It’s still about hard work and lots of luck.

Eventually you will hit the gold mine and complete your gear, or maybe find out a better way on how to earn gold. When that happens, I hope you also go back to the community and share your knowledge with the others, just like those who has helped you along the way.

Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger skills guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Skills Guide by akakori

Hi guys, its me again, after playing CBT for was it 7 days? or 5? I liked to share my thoughts on the different skills available to rangers and what they would serve as you travel thru the world of RO2.

For those who are new to the community, I welcome you and for those freshies wondering who am i, here is an intro about me

Self Intro

I go by the ign Frisks, I am what people considered as nuts/hardcore players whom have pushed myself to the limit of testing the system and the game during CBT and achieved level 50. (No prize for us who achieved 50 though.. sadly)

I am from Guild Hyperion, one of the starting members of the guild

If i ain’t grinding I am always keen to answer questions on Public channel or help out my guildies. So you can look me up in OBT perhaps ^^ (Though i may be a monk during OBT depends on guild needs)

*Note: I will include a SS of me later perhaps

Introduction: Ranger

Ranger as a class isn’t uncommon through out the genre of MMORPG’s(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). However a few things that makes RO’s (Ragnarok Online) ranger interesting is its build especially stats wise.

The stats system as many are familiar with isn’t the usual add a point to stat and gain it, it’s a system that allow u to allocate multiple stats points to achieve 1 additional bonus on that stats.

Before i continue, if u expect a high single DPS or a insane AoE, try other class ^^v

What does it mean?

It means you do not have the luxury of adding 1:1, you have to add 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and it goes on higher as the bonus stats increase. A stats simulation can be found somewhere in the forum, will post it up later.

Rangers in RO also is not “Dexterity” dependent. You are however depended on 3 different stats which are as following:

Strength: Raw basic damage that affects your attack power. All skills of ranger/archer are based off attack power

Agility: Critical and Dodge rate. It affects your critical max damage and allows you to dodge some attacks which is life saving.

Vitality: Increase HP & HP Regen when not in combat. This allows you to be slightly more capable to survive the massive onslaught of mobs in dungeons when you gain aggro.

What does it takes to be a Ranger:

Level 25 archer.

Where to change Job?:

Prontera, Ranger Npc is located at the north-north-east corner of the map, Look for the “!” quest icon.

How do you distribute your stats?:

For me during CBT, my stats allocations were:

40 40 0 0 6. (Str Agi Int Wis Vit)

P.S: I think i covered the basics

To start off your trip, the system has pre-allocated 3 skills for you. They are: Arrow Impact, Charge Arrow, Ankle Snare.

Introduction of Skills

Arrow Impact

Causes at the enemy Physical Damage and slows his Movement Speed by 40% for 5s.

Level 1: 26% Physical Damage & 20s Cooldown
Level 2: 28% Physical Damage & 16s Cooldown
Level 3: 30% Physical Damage & 12s Cooldown
Level 4: 32% Physical Damage & 8s Cooldown
Level 5: 35% Physical Damage & 4s Cooldown

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 20.00s 

SP Cost : 2

Range : 20.00m

This skill is useful as the opening skills for archers, as it slows down the enemy and allows you more time to damage the enemy before it reaches you. As the skill does not scale the slow effect, and though as the skill level increase the cooldown reduces a lot it does not scale well overall for archers and the range where archers initiate a fight is roughly around 20m, it isn’t really a main skill of rangers. During dungeons, you would have tanks in front soaking the damages, this skill is hardly used at all except for slowing down the spawns that is chasing after your team’s healer. However as a PVP skill this is something that is more useful, with the 4s cooldown and instant cast you could eventually kite forever.

Recommended level: 1


You jump back to Increase the gap between you and the enemy.

Level 1: 40s Cooldown
Level 2: 30s Cooldown
Level 3: 20s Cooldown

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 40.00s

SP Cost : 0

This is your life saving mechanism, its used for disengaging a fight and it can easily get you out of void zones. It is a must have skill. It is useful in both PvP and PvE.

P.S I personally use if for wall jumps xD not sure if they will fix it had fun during CBT

Recommended level: 2-3

Multi Shot

Shots a cone of Arrows in front of you, within a range of 7m you hit up to 3 enemies and cause Physical Damage.

Level 1: 15% Physical Damage
Level 2: 17% Physical Damage
Level 3: 20% Physical Damage

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 3.00s

SP Cost : 1

This skill is one of your early AOE skills, it does not do much damage and it only hits 3 monsters. However it is still useful during dungeons where you have to clear spawns. It may be faster for you to clear them one by one but if they are a weak bunch and you can sure give this a shot and lower their hp and pick them off.

Recommended level: 1

Charge Arrow

15 Focus Acquired. Causes Physical Damage.

Level 1: 33% Physical Damage
Level 2: 39% Physical Damage
Level 3: 45% Physical Damage 

Cast Time : 1.60s – Cooldown : 0.90s

SP Cost : 1 

Range : 20.00m

This is one of your bread and butter skills, its one that you will use almost everyday,every hour, the one you hate, the one you love. It takes a a hell of a long time to shoot but you still have to shoot it.

Recommended level: 1-3

Charge Arrow Mastery

Decreases the Cast Time of Charge Arrow. 

Level 1: 0.2s Cast Reduction 
Level 2: 0.4s Cast Reduction 
Level 3: 0.6s Cast Reduction

Self explained.

Recommended level: 3

Double Strafing

30 Focus Required. Fires an Arrow which hits the enemy with Physical Damage.

Level 1: 34% Physical Damage
Level 2: 36% Physical Damage
Level 3: 38% Physical Damage
Level 4: 40% Physical Damage
Level 5: 43% Physical Damage

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 0.90s

SP Cost : 1

Range : 20.00m

This skills works together with charged shot, its one of those extra damage output skills. It does its job pretty well.

Recommended level: 5

Owl’s Eye

Fired 2 Charge Arrows in a Row Increases your Attack Damage for 10Sec.

Level 1: Physical Damage +3%
Level 2: Physical Damage +6%
Level 3] Physical Damage +9%

One of passive that makes your spamming of charged shot all worthwhile.

Recommended level: 3

Improve Concentration

Increases the Dexterity of All Party or Raidmembers for 30min.

Level 1: Dexterity +2%
Level 2: Dexterity +4%
Level 3: Dexterity +6%
Level 4: Dexterity +8%
Level 5: Dexterity +10%

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 3.00s

SP Cost : 4

This is the only buff you have, it gives you a 10% dex boost, it may seem very little when you are low level and do not have equipment/cards but it does give u an extra edge in critcal and your team too.

Recommended level: 5

Ankle Snare

Places a Trap which holds the enemy in place for 10s, activates after 30s. 

Level 1: 60s Cooldown
Level 2: 45s Cooldown
Level 3: 30s Cooldown

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 60.00s

SP Cost : 1

This skill does good in PvE and PvP, keeps the enemy in place while you have a free damage at them. I maxed it during CBT, and found that i hardly use it in fights, except when i am killing leaders of the groups and i am soloing it.

For a PvP skill this is strong, trapping your enemies and acrobat away, shooting them while waiting for another trap makes it a good skill.

Recommended level: 1-3

Claymore Trap

Places an explosive trap which damages every enemy around it and sets them on fire. Burning enemies take for the duration of 10s every 2s. Activates after 30s.

Level 1: 8% Explosion Damage & 8% Burning Damage
Level 2: 9% Explosion Damage & 9% Burning Damage
Level 3: 10% Explosion Damage & 10% Burning Damage
Level 4: 11% Explosion Damage & 11% Burning Damage
Level 5: 12% Explosion Damage & 12% Burning Damage

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 30.00s

SP Cost : 1

This is a pretty useless skill to me, I have never ever killed any mobs with this, neither do i find the damage very significant. Although it provides a DoT, the enemy has to step on it. As a ranger standing so far away, its only purpose that i can think of is to keep those minions that are summoned by the boss at bay.

Recommended level: 1

Freezing Trap

Places a trap which slows the enemy Movement Speed for 10s by 40%.

Level 1: 70s Cooldown
Level 2: 60s Cooldown
Level 3: 50s Cooldown
Level 4: 40s Cooldown
Level 5: 30s Cooldown

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 70.00s

SP Cost : 1

Another trap that is not really useful for PvE solo play. During solo play there may be many aggressive mobs around you and you would not be able to kite them as freely as you like, slowing them requires them to step on it.

Although that being said it is useful in PvP, ankle snare -> acrobat -> arrow impact -> freezing trap is a good rotation for placing many free damage on your opponent.

Recommended level: 1

Falcon Eyes

Resets all cooldowns.

Level 1: 240s Cooldown
Level 2: 210s Cooldown 
Level 3: 180s Cooldown
Level 4: 150s Cooldown
Level 5: 120s Cooldown

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 240.00s

SP Cost : 4

As fancy as reset all cooldowns sound, i have never felt that it was as almighty as it sounds. It does it job of getting you of of sticky situation when you are in need of another acrobat or trap to get you away, but lets face it most of the skills or rangers have very little cooldowns especially the principal skills, however this skill does also reset windwalk which is a good attack speed booster in this game.

Recommended level: 1

Arrow Shower

Generates a Rain of Arrows which hit up to 10 enemies in the target Area. It is recommended to use this when you are facing 3 or more enemies. 

Level 1: 35% Physical Damage
Level 2: 41% Physical Damage
Level 3: 47% Physical Damage 

Cast Time : 1.50s – Cooldown : 0.00s

SP Cost : 3

Range : 15.00m

Your 2nd aoe skill, I maxed this skill during CBT and i found that the damage is really really slow, especially when the cast time is 1.5s and the damage dealt to a single monster can be easily outdone with a well placed concentrated attack. Which makes archer a very weak AoE damage dealer. However on a side note this skill is useful during PvP against rouge/assassins. It allows you to break their invisibility when u hit them.

Recommended level: 1.

Wind Walk

Increases for 30s your Movement and Attack Speed. 

Level 1: Movement Speed +10% & Attack Speed +24%
Level 2: Movement Speed +20% & Attack Speed +48%
Level 3: Movement Speed +30% & Attack Speed +72%
Level 4: Movement Speed +40% & Attack Speed +96%
Level 5: Movement Speed +50% & Attack Speed +120%

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 120.00s

SP Cost : 3

This is one of the best utility in the game i feel, it gives both movement speed and attack speed, which makes it pretty much useable for escape or for bursting. And correct me if i am wrong but it does affect the casting speed of your charged shot. So its a win-win.

Recommended level: 5

Main Ranger

Each Skills which Generate Focus have a chance that the next 2 Double Strafe wont consume any Focus.

Level 1: 3% Chance
Level 2: 6% Chance
Level 3: 9% Chance
Level 4: 12% Chance
Level 5: 15% Chance

This passive allows you to have 2 free double strafe which would increase your damage output as well as gaining attack speed if you have added the skill Fear Breeze

Recommended level: 3-5

Focused Arrow Strike

10 Focus Acquired. Hits the enemy with Physical Damage and weakens him. Weakened enemies take for 10s more Damage.

Level 1: 18% Physical Damage & 0.5% DOT 
Level 2: 22% Physical Damage & 1% DOT
Level 3: 25% Physical Damage & 1.5% DOT

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 10.00s

SP Cost : 4

Range : 20.00m

This skills as good as it sounds i didn’t use it all during CBT. Though different build may find this useful.

Recommended level: 1

Poison Arrow

10 Focus Acquired. Shots Poisoned Arrows which hit the enemy with Physical Damage. Poisoned enemies take Damages over 30s every 2s.

Level 1: 17% Physical Damage & 14% DOT
Level 2: 19% Physical Damage & 16% DOT
Level 3: 21% Physical Damage & 18% DOT
Level 4: 23% Physical Damage & 19% DOT
Level 5: 25% Physical Damage & 21% DOT

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 3.00s

SP Cost : 4

Range : 20.00m

Poison arrow is a really well suited skill for PvP, it allows you to deal constant damage even when you are kiting your opponent. I maxed this during CBT and i found that its is rather a good skill, i use it often to help keep up the damage when i am using the charged shot. I have doubts about the skill because the DoT’s scale really well with your attack power but at the same time not being able to see the length of the DoT left on the boss is really bad.

Recommended level: 1-5

Fear Breeze

Every use of Double Strafe Increases your Attack Speed. Breeze can be stacked to a Maximum of 5 and lasts 30s. The effect will not be renewed if the Maximum of stacks is reached.

Level 1: Attack Speed +0.4%
Level 2: Attack Speed +0.8%
Level 3: Attack Speed +1.2%
Level 4: Attack Speed +1.6%
Level 5: Attack Speed +2%

If your build is highly depended on double strafe i would saying having this at max is the only way to go since it gives u a pretty constant attack speed buff. Although a sad thing is it caps at 5 stacks and you wouldn’t be able to keep up that attack speed, so your attack speed would be on a curve, up and down.

Recommended level: 1-5

Arrow Vulcan

5 Breeze Stacks Required. Fires arrows at your enemy which deals Damage and cause the effect of Poison Arrow.

Level 1: 64% Physical Damage
Level 2: 71% Physical Damage
Level 3: 78% Physical Damage
Level 4: 86% Physical Damage
Level 5: 93% Physical Damage

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 10.00s

SP Cost : 2

Range : 20.00m

This is one of the skill i love the most, it fires a barrage of arrows at the enemy and each of them has its chances of being a critical strike. It is a great way to spend your Fear Breeze since its instant cast, you can always cast it at the last 1-2 sec before the buff is gone to gain that extra damage. Also it scales really highly to your attack power, and reset your poison arrow as well. (Though you can’t see it and I believe it has issues)

Recommended level: 1-5


Not useable in Combat. Hides you in your surroundings and the chance of being detected by Monsters is reduced by half. Decreases your Movement Speed. First attack out of Camouflage deals Double Damage.

Level 1: Movement Speed -40%
Level 2: Movement Speed -20% 
Level 3: No Drawbacks

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 3.00s

SP Cost : 3

This skill is great when sneaking around to get quest loot from the floor or just trying to evade attack, however a note is that it isnt a 100% chance. Aggro mobs do still have a 50% chance of detecting you thus you have to be care with this. It does however give u a great boost of extra 100% damage when u start a fight. Side note is that during PvP you can use it and it has the same effect. So be sure to use it before the fight starts!

Recommended level: 1-3

Camouflage Mastery

Increases your Movement Speed in Camouflage.

Level 1: Movement Speed +10%
Level 2: Movement Speed +20%
Level 3: Movement Speed +30%

I have found no use for this skill just because i don’t tend to play the sneaky type and i found that i use Camouflage to initiate attacks. So there really isn’t a point if having this skill since i do not use Falcon Assault

and having Camouflage at level 3 would have normal walking speed.

Recommended level: 0-3

Falcon Assault

Summons a falcon which attacks your target for the duration of 30s. The falcon hits your target every 2s with Physical damage of Blitz Beat.

Level 1: 20% Physical Damage
Level 2: 23% Physical Damage
Level 3: 25% Physical Damage
Level 4: 28% Physical Damage
Level 5: 30% Physical Damage

Cast Time : Instant – Cooldown : 120.00s

SP Cost : 3

Range : 20.00m

This is a skill that i do not use and i do not find useful at all. A duration of 30s would yield me 15 attacks at 30% damage each providing I maxed out on this. Not to mention the cooldown is 2 mins. Though i have to say having 2 damage output source is more likely to gain more damage done since its now 2 attacks at that moment during those every 2 seconds.

Recommended level: 0-5

This concludes the guide on ranger skills and ranger itself. It really wasn’t a fully detailed guide i would say but, feel free to let me know if there are things to add to it below. Or changes that i should make. If you feel that you have any nice builds to share, i will gladly add it to this post.

Ragnarok Online 2 – Payon Dungeon Moonlight flower

Written By LordHi

Moonlight Flower can be found on the 4th floor of Payon Dungeon for characters of lvl’s 28-34. And the few bosses at mid-lvl with an actual mechanic that must be obeyed if not the entire party will i repeat WILL face a wipe.

Now it is greatly advised that you get a priest with the emergency aoe heal and dmg protection that is “SANCTUARY” just in case and that MAXIMUM only 3 members of your party are melee, anything more and the healer cannot cope.

There are few essentials that you must get down if you are to attempt this boss.

1.) The boss will cast an aoe stun occasionally that ranges in duration from 1-2 seconds and drops 2 tombstones next to her. DPS down these 2 tombstones, they will spawn 2 NPC’s on your side whom will grant an aura buff reducing 30% dmg of the stun that Moonlight Flower will cast occasionally. Please note the aura buff radius is incredibly small meaning you have to literally stack on top of the NPC’s spawned.

2.) She will spawn 3 Foxes (1.5-2.5k hp, cant really remember) as is the usual RO2 boss mechanic at random intervals. Recommend that you dps down these quickly as they usually go for the healers immediately.

3.) She will also cast an occasional black circle around her with a rather large radius, the only WARNING that you will get prior to this is a WHISTLE. When you hear that whistle, the black circle will spawn 1-2 seconds later on the position in which she whistled from so when you hear the whistle you can pull her away first and the circle will spawn at that original position that you pulled her away from 1-2 seconds later, so pull her away from the position where she whistled and get out of there ASAP.It is VERY IMPORTANT that you pull her OUT of the circle and that NO party members are inside of the circle. FAILING to do so will result in either an instant wipe or 1-1.5k dmg.

(*NOTE: Seems that if she is nearby the circle the AOE wipe dmg will still trigger, Recommend you pull her a bit away from the black circle.)

(*ADDITIONAL NOTE: There are occasions of her casting her stun just as the black circle comes out, thus not giving you enough time to run causing a wipe. Please I cannot stress this enough, listen out for the WHISTLE. You hear that, you run.)

4.) (*Unconfirmed) She will also occasionally cast a black swirling tornado around her body immediately. This damage is UNAVOIDABLE and can range from 200hp to 50% of your hp or none at all (Which is weird, and I hope someone can clarify this). So bring pots along.

5.) Once her HP reaches 45,000 she will summon 2 illusions of herself with hp ranging from 3.5-4.5k. Immediately shift all dps to them and get rid of these as a few seconds later she WILL summon 3 foxes and your healer will not be able to cope nor will your tank be able to pull them all. Be warned certain parties at this stage might find all of themselves with HP’s around 200-500HP. It is at this point that the priest’s Sanctuary AOE heal and dmg protection comes in handy as it is a LIFESAVER. Like I said only a few parties will face such a crisis, not all.

(*NOTE: The effect of sanctuary is only within 10M radius of the priest so make sure everyone is within that safety zone.)

Once you pass the illusion stage, it is pretty much the same thing. Just listen out for the whistle, stay near the 2 NPC’s to get dmg reduction from her stuns and pull her out of the black circle and deal with the mobs accordingly.

Credits to kanapwn and BerryX on Jormungand server for explaining most of the mechanics to me on my first time and getting it down on our 3rd attempt with 3 new guys on the party.


Here’s a video for the dungeon

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA – Short guide for Abandoned Lab

1) Abandoned laboratory 37 – Zaratik

Recommend questing until you do not have two quests in the award – winning Dungeon pattern sword and pattern torso. inside is still one more questpattern pants. all blue on Level 37.

I guess I must say that inst extremely simple. much easier than the basement in the Forest.

3 Khara quest.

– Kill 2 times final Boss
– kill 4 certain mobs in instances
– Kill all sorts of goblins can done for 2-3 visits

the first room on the perimeter of a large lot of trash goblins does not necessarily kill.

The first boss. GET OUT from purple circle on the ground. MAX heal and the best running back of strong AoE. screams in red chat.

straight corridor. if you do not need to Khara quest mobs then just ahead.

2 boss wall at all

BOSS wall.. but on 20% in the center of the room is four casters that cause hell demon bat . you have just a few seconds to kill all 4. otherwise wipe

Labour drops armor 37 subjects

Advice – Kinsaurus

my first party : 1 wizard (me), 2 sorcerers, 1 assassin and 1 warrior
we were all strangers for each other, first timers, same level around 38 or 39, knew nothing about this dungeon, yet we cleared this dungeon quick and easily.
because we were a full dps team, we killed 4 summoners easily and none of us knew what would happen if we killed those summoners late.

my second party : 1 wizard (me), 1 knight, 1 priest, 1 assassin and 1 warrior (same level around 38 or 39 too)
and that time, i knew what hell would happen if we killed those summoners late… our party lacked of dps, we killed those summoners late and we ended up spending almost an hour trying to beat the final boss & his summoners. well, last try i was lucky enough to have 3 consecutive critical fire bolts to kill one summoner, helped assassin to kill another, and lastly used fire explosion to kill the last remaining summoner that our knight and priest tried to beat desperately (our warrior was doing his part well).

my advice is : get a full dps party to clear this dungeon easily.


Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard Basic Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard Basic Guide by Ibluelalice

Posted Image

I play as Aquilon on the Korean server, and the armor you see is lv 50 raid (epic) equipment for the wizard. I think it helps my credibility.


The wizard is a very BORING class. Movement is almost non existent, and most of the battles are fought with two keys: hot keys of fire bolt and fireball. The only area where it shines is it’s flashiness. It’s damage is lower than rogues, rangers, sorcerers,attack priests, but equals with the assassin. (In other words, lowest or 2nd lowest of dealers.) People know you exist because you jump around the map with teleport and survive random moments with ice wall. Most people (including me) play this character just because nobody plays it allowing free access to parties. You might ask, “If it’s such a bad character, why do parties take wizards?” Well my friend, sorcerers and priests want the 10% int buff… and that’s about all they ask you to do.

How to Max out Damage

*Fire Arms and Dragonology is a must at all times
Blast Arms – Fire Flower – (Fireball – Firebolt – Firebolt – repeat)
*Use Fire Flower whenever it fades and always recast Fire Arms after Blast Arms

DOT (Damage Over Time) damage (caused by Fireball, Fire Arms, Fire Flower) is where most of its damage comes from. However, DOT damage will be overwritten by any wizard who uses the same skill. When there are more than one wizard in the party, even the assassin will out-deal the Wizard, putting the Wizard just above the tank characters. (there should only be 1 wizard per party)

ie. When going against a boss, and the DOT effects of Fire Flower, Fireball, Fire Arms are damaging the boss, whoever uses Fire Flower will overwrite the Fire Flower DOT damage. (same with Fire Arms and Fireball)


50 Agi  30 Int

40 Agi  40 Int

Skill Build

(Water Tree)
Cold Bolt 1
Frost Diver 1
Water Arms 1
Frost Nova 1
Ice Wall 5(M)

(Wind Tree)
Lightning Bolt 1
Thunderstorm 1
Wind Arms 1
Teleport 3(M)
Levitation 0

(Fire Tree)
Fire Bolt 5(M)
Fire Ball 3(M)
Fire Bolt Mastery 3(M)
Fire Arms 5(M)
Blast Arms 5(M)
Fire Flower 5(M)
Dragonology 5(M)
Pyromaniac 5(M)
Inferno 1* (Either Meteor Storm or Inferno)
Fire Explosion 0
Meteor Storm 1* (Either Meteor Storm or Inferno)

For those that might have questions about why I didn’t level skills that you might think are useful, here’s a quick tip on why not.

Cold Bolt – This skill is used with lightning bolt and frost diver in the early levels, but it is outclassed by the fire bolt due to stacking of Fire Arms and Dragonology, even without the help of pyromaniac.

Frost Diver – This is also a skill used mainly in the beginning. However, being unable to freeze bosses, it is usually thrown away.

Water Arms – Due to DOT damage, water arms is not used. Additionally, 10% damage reduction is unnoticeable for wizards.

Frost Nova – Truthfully, this is a very useful skill, however it preforms very well even at level 1.

Ice Wall – 3 minutes is a long time to wait, especially in battle. However, 3 minutes is enough to use twice on a single boss. Anything other than 3 minutes is too long, and you might as well invest 1 in Ice Wall at that point. However, having no true survival skills other than this, it is necessary for you to invest 5 points in this skill.

Lightning Bolt – It is also like the cold bolt. It is very soon outclassed.

Firebolt to Dragonology should be self explanatory.

Pyromaniac – This is a skill often overlooked. It takes about 7-8 attacks to reach 100, which at that point, gives you a 10% cast boost. This might not seem to be a lot, and people tend to use fire explosion the second it reaches 100. Using this buff allows fast recasting of fire bolts, which in the end pays off more than fire explosion. (the users of this skill commented that “it’s a skill that can only be felt by those who use it.”)

Fire Explosion – This is (used to be) a VERY debated skill for all people. This does around 3000-3500 damage without critical hits and is seen as the wizards ultimate attack. However, even if pyromaniac was leveled up to 5 and Fire Explosion was too and Fire Explosion was used just before the 30 seconds were over every time, during the time Fire Explosion is being used, 2 fire bolts can be fired. Now the problem with Fire Explosion lies here. Each fire bolt at level 50 does around 1200 – 1500 damage with the right equipment. A single critical hit will do 2400-3000. Although the Fire Explosion does 3000-3500 damage, it is spread into multiple shots doing 600-700 damage. Unless all 5 hits of Fire Explosion ended up as critical hits (which VERY rarely happens) it does not outshine the fire bolt. As a matter of fact, even if one of the two fire bolts were to be a critical hit, it would outshine the fire explosion. Additionally while this is happening, pyromaniac would be filling up which is why many people invest points in other skills.

Inferno vs Meteor Storm
Inferno is a good skill, because it gives all the mobs a fire flower effect. Even at level 1, it gives the fire flower effect of the level of your fire flower. On the other hand, Meteor Storm is a skill that hits a targeted area, but is heavily affected by lag and also takes longer than fire flower. In the end, you do just about as much damage with either one. (even without lag) You should just pick one and only one because you’re not there to take out only mobs when in raid dungeons. (gathering mobs is harder than throwing fire bolts one by one)

*It’s also the sorcerers job to attack mobs with Lord of Vermilion, which also does double damage when the enemy is encased in ice, so hit fire flower, use frost nova, and get the hell away with teleport and let the sorcerers do their job. (And yell at them if they don’t.)

Ragnarok Online 2 Warrior Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Warrior Guide by TakeoTakeda

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Warriors are trained in the use of various weapons and tactics while taking advantage of their superior charismatic force. The Warrior is a Nomad of Honor, they are not authorized by the Kingdom of Prontera. Warriors are free to harm humans, they believe that due to it’s nature military combat will always affect the public. They are only allowed to participate in military action battles as “mercenaries”. Nevertheless, for those who with to fight the path to become a Warrior is a popular one. Warriors have proven to be more efficient than any other combat class and have the most polished expertise on the battlefield.


DPS stats:
41 str
41 agi

Tank stats:
*NOTED that there’s no ACTUAL stats for Tank, since vit is pretty much useless unless your want to see your HP higher than anyone (slightly). But I recommend either this 3 stats:

40 str
40 vit
8 agi

40 str
30 agi
rest vit

*this build if you think you don’t need any HP boost*
41 str
41 agi

STR – increase your Phy. attack and your parry rates
VIT – Increase your HP
AGI – Increase your dodge rates and critical rates.

The only stat you need to focus is having 40 str at the end of the day. This is because that’s the source of your phy. attack! Besides that, what’s matter the most is your equipment’s bonus stats as they have a big role in boosting your status.


My personal Build (Off Tank):

Posted Image

Those who wish to be pure DPS (not recommended by it’s your choice):

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Swordman Skill

Bash 5/5
max this skill since it is your everyday skill!

Head Assault 5/5 or 1/5
Max or leave this at lvl 1. your choice!

Provoke 1 /5
aggroing monster. leave it at lv 1

Battle Orders 5/5
need to say more? 10% str baby! max it!

Aura Strike 5/5
Definitely max this. This will be one of your main attack.

Wide Provoke 1/5 or 0/5
just leave it at lv 1. Not as effective as your red potions! XD. leave it at 0/5 if you’re going to become pure DPS.

Armor Aura 5/5 or 0/5
this is a MUST have skill for Off Tank Warrior. 300% agrro, 20% more hp. If you’re going to become pure DPS warrior, leave it at 0

Sword Aura 1/5 or 5/5
lalala~ baka~ leave it at lv 1, unless you want to be pure DPS. do not recommend

Magnum Break 0/5
don’t bother spending your precious point here~

Battle Manual 0/5
same as above~

Warrior Skill:

Anger Control 2/2
no need to ask. it’s your MUST have skill lol. I recommend to max this but you can choose not to.

Berserk 1/5 or 5/5
increase your attack by 4 * Lv. leave it at 1/5 if you’re going to become OT, or max this if you’re planning to be Pure DPS.

Tension Relax 3/3
Your only self heal. max this. would definitely save some of your red pots.

Bowling Bash 5/5
another your everyday skill. Max this.

Pommel Attack 1/5
you rarely use this skill. Leave it at lv 1.(useful for pvp)

Parrying 3/5
great skill for tank. Leave it if you’re not Tank.

Endure 5/5
Another skill for tank. Leave it if you’re not Tank.

Battle Leaf 1/5
Leave it at lv 1. Rarely use it(useful for pvp)

Rage Strike 3/5 or 5/5
your STRONGEST skill. If You’re tank, no need to max this. (80% phy. damage at lv 3, 90% at lv 5, and it’s up to 3 monster!)

Brandish Storm 3/3
your only AOE skill. Max this! (it has no cooldown, and it looks cool! XD)

Defender 0/5 or 5/5
a MUST have skill for Off Tank warrior, otherwise leave it.


Ancient Assassin Card (I don’t remember the stats. but it add your str/agi and vit if I’m not mistaken)

Snatcher Raiders Card
str +6
agi +6
int +6
wis +6
vit +17

Garbong card
STR +9
agi +9
vit +9
int +6
wis +3

There you go folks! I will update this from time to time. see you guys again!

Ragnarok Online 2 Monk Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Monk Guide by Sunbringer

Table of Contents
I. Introduction to The Acolyte
II. Acolyte’s Skills
III. Skill builds for Acolyte
IV. Acolyte’s Stats Distribution
V. Introduction to The Monk
VI. Monk’s Skills
VII. Skill builds for Monk
VIII. Monk’s Stats Distribution

I. Introduction to The Acolyte

Acolyte is one of the first five main classes in Ragnarok II: LOTS. Like many other MMORPG, Acolytes are experts in supporting and healing abilities which play a very important role in a party. Because of those abilities, they can grind just fine whether it is solo or party. There is no need for an Acolyte to buy any healing potions because they can spam heal. Their holy spells are not to be underestimated. They got great offensive spells, although aren’t as great as Magician’s spells. But they are capable on boosting skills up to the fullest (Asperio).

Although with those advantages, Acolytes are short on Health Points (HP) and lack of defense.

II. Acolyte’s Skills

I have listed all Acolyte’s skills, its description, my commentary and personal ratings for each skill.

 Heal (Supportive Skill)
Description: Recover one’s HP equivalent to 30%/33%/36%/40%/43% of your magic power. Under the Asperio, the next three heals will become a critical hit.
Casting Time: 1s.
Cooldown: 0s.
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: This deserves a 5/5 rating from me. Yes, this skill is very great because you can spam it all day long. As an Acolyte, you’ll use this instead of Potions to save your money. Max this skill ASAP.

 Holy Light (Offensive Skill)
Description: Conjure a divine cross to deal 27%/30%/33%/36%/39% of your magical damage to a single enemy. Next 3 Holy Light will become a critical hit under the buff of Asperio.
Casting Time: 1s.
Cooldown: 0s.
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: This is one great offensive spell you can have as an Acolyte because simply it has no cooldown with only 1s casting time and great damage. I suggest you to max this skill ASAP for the sole purpose of grinding.

 Blessing (Supportive Skill)
Description: Cast a gospel upon you and your partymates to increase Max HP by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% for a duration of 30 minutes.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 3s.
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: A no-brainer skill to max. It adds 15% of your Max HP with 30 minutes duration, no reason to dump it.Tankers will thank you for this. A must max skill.

 Judex (Offensive Skill)
Description: Summons the Thunder of Judgement to inflict magical damage equivalent to 14%/17%/19% of your magic power on the top of the enemies within the Area of Effect.
Casting Time: Instant.
Cooldown: 3s.
Rate: o
Commentary: This skill would’ve been more useful if it has at least 1s cooldown. The skill’s main purpose is just to stun your enemies. The damage and cast time are bad. You DO NOT want to use this skill at all. It is recommended for you not to learn this skill at all. 

 Lex Divina (Offensive Skill)
Description: Summons a holy hammer to be thrown to the enemy and deal 22% of your magic power at level 1 / 26% of your magic power and will crit if the target’s HP is below 20% at level 2 / 30% of your magic power and will crit if the target’s HP is below 20% and gain 3 Holy Water if your enemy dies from this skill at level 3.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 10s
Rate: oooo
Commentary: There are a lot of arguments flying around inside this skill. Some say this skill has to be maxed for faster grinding but some agreed not to max this skill or even take it. But those argument is invalid as your skills will be resetted once you transcend intoMonk. You WILL need to learn this skill to grind faster. It maybe not recommended for fellow Priests, but not for us. You can either max this skill or leave it at level 2. Oh yeah, only use this skill when your target’s HP is below 20%, otherwise you better off leave this skill entirely.

 Increase Agility (Supportive Skill)
Description: Increase movement speed of you and your party members by 40% for 10s/11s/12s/13s/14s.
Casting Time: Instant.
Cooldown: 260s/240s/220s/220s/180s.
Rate: oo
Commentary: Similar to RO1’s Increase Agility this skill increases your Movement Speed but the differences are there’s no increase in Agility in the RO2’s version and they add cooldown to it, the long one in RO2. The skill increases you and your party member’s movement speed by a nifty percentage of 40% but has a ridiculous cooldown. You either leave this skill or learn it but leave it at level 1. Do not attempt to max this skill at all.

 Highness Heal (Supportive Skill)
Description: Recover your and surrounding 2 allies’ HP by 44%/49%/54%/59%/64% of your magic power. Under the Asperio spell, Highness Heal’s recovery amount increased by 50%
Casting Time: Instant.
Cooldown: 10s
Rate: ooo
Commentary: Only learn this if you do party leveling all the time. Otherwise, do not learn this skill at all if you plan to solo most of the time. Even you can choose to use Renovatio on each party members rather than using this skill if you prefer party leveling.

 Renovatio (Supportive Skill)
Description: Recover target’s HP by 16%/19%/22% of your magic power every 2 seconds for 12s duration.
Casting Time: Instant.
Cooldown: 0s
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: While Heal needs you to cast for 1s and is not effective in combat, this skill does the exact opposite. This skill has no casting time and no cooldown and is efffective while it is active. That means, you don’t have to worry about your HP because it’ll replenish by itself while this skill is active.

 Meditatio (Passive Skill)
Description: Increases effect of healing skills when applied as critical hit by 340%/380%/420%/460%/500% exceeding 95% Hit Rate.
Rate: N/A
Commentary: The description explains that Meditatio will increase the effect of healing skills but I am still in a hot water figuring this one out. So I can’t comment about this really as I never really bothered to look into this skill.

 Aqua Benedicta (Supportive Skill)
Description: Recover SP by 15% and creates 3 Holy Waters.
Casting Time: Instant.
Cooldown: 60s
Rate: ooo
Commentary: You’ll be getting this skill whether you like it or not. It is a prerequisite for Asperio and it is great having 3 Holy Waters which is useful for Asperio.

 Ressurection (Supportive Skill)
Description: Ressurects a dead player in your party. You can revive a fallen player to max HP and without cast time under Asperio buff.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 3000/2400/1800
Rate: oo
Commentary: Another skill that is full of debates. After the patch that increases this skill’s cooldown drastically, people chose to leave this skill at level 1, but some players chose to max this skill because of the drastic cooldown decrease per level. But you do not need this skill because you’ll transcend into Monk later on. Just put this at level 1 as the prerequisite for Aqua Benedicta.

 Asperio (Supportive Skill)
Description: Requires 1 Holy Water. Improve Acolyte’s skill effects. The affected skills are: Holy Light, Heal, Ressurection, Judex, Highness Heal, Sanctuary (Priest), Magnus Exorcismus (Priest), and Ray of Genesis (Priest).
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 60s/40s/20s
Rate: oooo
Commentary: You’ll be needing this skill to increase the effects of your skills, especially Heal and Holy Light. You can choose to not learn this at all or max this if you have spare for faster killing with Holy Light and crit-heals with Heal for leveling.

 Oratio (Supportive Skill)
Description: Chants a spell which recite the prayers of gods to inflich 8%/9%/10%/11%/12% of your magic power on every 2s for the duration of 20s.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 0s
Rate: o
Commentary: Bad skill is bad, you better off spamming your Holy Light rather than using this skill. The damage is horrible even for a DoT. But Priests find this skill very useful because it can be stacked with other DoT skills.

III. Skill Build(s) for Acolyte

First of all, as you will transcend into Monk later, you do not have to worry about picking the correct skill or whatnot. Just pick and max any offensive skills that you have (except Oratio) to fasten your leveling process. Holy Light and Lex Divina are must max skills. Heal and Renovatio are also a must for healing purposes. Take Asperio if you want a slight faster killing using Holy Light (it crits under the Asperio buff).
Thus I recommend you this build for leveling:

– Level 5 Holy Light (Main offensive skill)
– Level 5 Blessing (For more survivability)
– Level 5 Heal (Main healing skill)
– Level 1 Renovatio (No SP left, and level 1 Renovatio is still great! Secondary healing skill)
– Level 3 Lex Divina (Finishing spell)
– Level 1 Increase Agi (you really do not need this skill that much due to its horrible cooldown)
– Level 1 Aqua Benedicta (Prerequisite to Asperio)
– Level 3 Asperio (faster killing means faster leveling)

Those are pretty much the core skills that you must have. You can add Highness Heal if you want to (Meditatio must be learned as prereq).
You can choose to drop Blessing and max Renovatio. It’s your call.

IV. Acolyte’s Stats Distribution

As an Acolyte striving on becoming a Monk, just focus on INT, all the way until you reach 25. Do not bother with other stats.

V. Introduction to The Monk

Upon reaching level 25, you can transcend to either a Priest or a Monk.

Monks are close combatants who use fists to excel in battle. They also begin with a whole new set of skills, meaning, you will get a reset skill after transcending into a Monk but you cannot add any of the Acolyte’s skill. Monk relies on his lightning fast attacks to stack up spirit spheres for an even greater offensive attacks which require spirit spheres. They have a very strong physical body which means high defense and can serve as Secondary Tanker or even Main Tanker if geared and built properly.

Yes, going for a Monk is a tough path to follow as you’ll giving up all of your Acolyte skills, imagine that friendly Heal skill taken away from you. But as you leveled up , you’ll feel the greatness of a Monk. I can guarantee you that.

VI. Monk’s Skills

I have listed all of Monk’s skills, description, commentary and personal ratings on each skill below.

 Quadraple Palm (Offensive)
Description: Struck a target with multiple punches. Inflict 17%/19%/21%/23%/25% of your attack power. Generates 1 Spirit Sphere.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 0s
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: Your main DPS skill. It has no cooldown and the animation is quite fast. I really recommend you to max this skill ASAP after transcending into a Monk.

 Iron Palm (Passive)
Description: Passively increase your defense by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%.
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: 50% extra defense at level 5 and it is passive. MAX THIS BABY.

 Spiritual Cadence (Passive)
Description: Gain 2 attack power for each Intelligence and allows you to generate Spirit Sphere while using offensive skills.
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: This could be the best passive you’ll ever had alongside with Iron Palm because simply it is a passive skill! Now, you do not have to worry about investing Intelligence (INT), rather, it enhances your attack power up to the fullest. Because of this skill, an equalized amount of STR and INT is better than a pure STR/INT stats. For example: 30 STR and 30 INT is better than having 40 STR or 40 INT alone.

 Iron Mountain Attack (Offensive)
Description: Gather your inner strength to crush 2 nearby enemies by 37%/39%/42%/44%/47% of your attack power. Requires 3 Spirit Spheres.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 0s
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: Your secondary DPS skill after Quadraple Palm. The skill got greater damage, twice the damage of Quadraple Palm and it hits 2 enemies. The only downside is that this skill requires 3 Spirit Spheres. You will need to build up your Spirit Spheres before using this skill. 

 D. Grand Collapse (Offensive)
Description: Strike an enemy with a series of tackles to inflict the damage of your 14%/16%/18%/29%/21% attack power. Generates 2 Spirit Sphere.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 6s.
Rate: oo
Commentary: This skill has horribly low damage and it has a pretty long cooldown. Leave this skill at level 1 because you’re only using this skill to obtain two Spirit Spheres instantly.

 Intimidation (Debuff)
Description: Taunt an enemy to make it attack you.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 20s/17s/14s/11s/8s
Rate: ooo
Commentary: Similar to Swordman’s Provoke, you taunt an enemy to attack you instead to your party members. A great tanking tool indeed, also used to hold aggro.

 [size=3]Summon Spirit Sphere (Buff)
Description: Instantly generates 3 Spirit Sphere and reset the cooldown of all your skills.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 240s/210s/180s/150s/120s
Rate: oooo
Commentary: Personally, I love this buff. With this you can do two consecutive Guillotine Fists in a row, every two minutes. How awesome is that? This buffs really helps in PvP, also the most important key to guarantee your victory. But, if you don’t PVP that much and do not plan to PVP in the future, you can leave this skill at 1. But really, you’ll regret not having this skill maxed.

 Lightning Crush (Offensive)
Description: Creates a shockwave by pounding the ground to inflict 15%/17%/20% of your attack power to maximum 3 enemies and generates 50% threat.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 3s
Rate: ooo
Commentary: Your aggro keeping tool. Spam this every 3s while facing multiple mobs to ensure your party’s safety. Use the combination of Intimidation Lightning Crush and Stone Skin permanently keep your aggro especially when tanking a boss.

 Flee (Buff)
Description: Increases your dodge rate by 4%/8%/12%/16%/20% for 10 seconds.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 60s
Rate: oo
Commentary: I think it would be a waste to invest any points in this skill at all because we are not Thieves. We don’t have that much AGI in the first place. This would’ve been a great skill to have if it adds +20% to our original dodge rate raw. 

 Lightning Walk (Offensive)
Description: Instantly move in front the targeted enemy and strike it with 17%/19%/21%/23%/25% of your attack power. Generates 1 Spirit Sphere.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 60s/50s/40s/30s/20s
Rate: ooo
Commentary: Personally, this skill is great. I found love from this skill. While it is not that important in PVE, I gotta say this skill works wonder in PVP. Fact: There are a lot of runners in PVP and you should use this to chase your enemy. In PVE, this skill main usage is just to generate spirit sphere. 

 Throw Spirit Sphere (Offensive, Debuff)
Description: Fire a spirit bullet to your enemy from far away to inflict 17%/19%/21%/24%/26% of your attack power and increase 10% of damage inflicted by all of Monk’s offensive skill for 15s. Generates 1 spirit sphere.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 10s
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: Monk’s greatest debuffing skill. While the damage is not that great, the only and the sole reason of this skill is just to debuff your enemy so that you will deal more damage with other offensive skills for what, 15 seconds? That means you can perma-debuff your enemy! This skill also generates 1 spirit sphere. How great is that? Just leave this skill at level 1.

 Ki Explosion (Buff)
Description: Increases your attack power by 6%/12%/18%/24%/30% for 30 seconds. Requires 3 Spirit Spheres.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 60s
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: This is also one of the greatest buff you can have as a Monk. It increases your attack power by 30% at level 5. It has 60s cooldown with 30s duration. If you want to get a slight increase on your DPS, you should max this skill, but it’s okay to just leave it at level 1 if you’re a pure tanker. You’ll need this buff in order to use Guillotine Fist.

 Guillotine Fist (Offensive)
Description: Gather your mind, spirit and physical power to deal a tremendous strike. Inflict 82%/91%/101%/110%/120% of your attack power and stuns your enemy for 3 seconds. Only available in Ki Explosion state.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 60s
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: Your ultimate offensive skill. Although it has the highest damage modifier in RO2 when coupled by Ki Explosion, its cooldown is still quite long. Still, I recommend you to max this skill because the increase per level is high, not to mention this skill stuns your target for 3s which is great!

 Protection Ki (Buff)
Description: Gather your spirit to emit a defensive aura that surrounds your body. Decreases any damage taken by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% for 10 seconds.
Casting Time: Instant
Cooldown: 120s.
Rate: oooo
Commentary: Everything is just great except the duration and cooldown part. It only buff you for 10 seconds with a 120s cooldown. But, every seconds count, especially in raids. Believe me, you will not regret maxing this skill, if and only if you’re planning to be a tanker. Otherwise, you can choose to leave this at level 1 for Steel Body.

 Stone Skin (Toggle Buff)
Description: Gather all of your spirit sphere to increase your HP by 7%/14%/21%/28%/35%, Defense by 40%/80%/120%/160%/200% and Threat Value by 60%/120%/180%/240%/300% but decreases attack power by 10% while this skill is active. Press this skill once again to deactivate the buff. Require all 5 spirit spheres. Does not require spirit sphere while Protection Ki is active.
Casting Time: 4s
Cooldown: 3s 
Rate: ooooo
Commentary: Monk’s ultimate defensive skill, which means this skill is the ultimate tanking tool of the Monk’s tree. This skill generates a tremendous amount of threat. Use this with Lightning Crush to always keep aggro. Your HP will be increased by 35% and defense by 200% at level 5. I really really recommend you to max this skill.

VII. Skill Builds for Monk

The Monk has several skill builds, namely: Pure Tank build, DPS-Tank (Hybrid) build, and the pure DPS build. To be noted that you cannot add Acolyte skills anymore once you transcend into Monk. Disclaimer: The purpose of this section is to recommend you the builds that I’ve created. You can choose to follow this build or customize it the way you like. If you want some suggestions you can post it in this thread.

Pure Tank build (13 SP left)
This build is very good in raid runs and you’ll almost welcomed in any raid party because you have all tanking tools like Intimidation and Flee. But this build has low DPS capability, and you’re pretty much useful limited for tanking.

Hybrid build, DPS-Tank (7 SP left)
You will solo just fine with this build, it has all the offensive skills and defensive skills needed. You are also acceptable in raid parties as they also need your DPS. And you can PVP just fine with this build. Leftovers can be spent on either Lightning Walk (for PVP) or Intimidation.

Pure DPS build (7 SP left)
The only advantage you have when using this build is you will feel a drastic increase on your DPS. But this build is still not recommended, because the build does not have the versatility which is Monk’s main feature. You will have a hard time joining a party, you’ll lack of defensive skills which is needed in PVP which means you will die faster. 

My build 
The advanced version of hybrid build. You can solo/party leveling just fine with this build. You are also acceptable in raid runs and most importantly, you got all the advantages in PVP when using this build. Lightning Walk is maxed for mobility, Summon Spirit Sphere is also maxed to do the infamous 2 consecutive Guillotine Fists. That’s not all, you can also tank just fine with all maxed defensive skill. This build lacks Flee skill which in my opinion is useless.

VIII. Monk’s Stats Distribution

I’ve listed all types of the stat distribution for a Monk.

DPS focus
– STR: 40
– INT: 40
– Leftover to AGI/VIT

Semi DPS & Semi Tank
– STR: 30
– INT: 30
– AGI: 25
– VIT: 25
– STR: 35
– INT: 35
– Leftover to either VIT/AGI.

Pure Tanking
– INT: 30
– AGI: 30
– VIT: 30
– Leftover to STR or increase AGI/VIT.

Ragnarok Online 2 Sorcerer Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Sorcerer Basic Guide by Ibluelalice

Posted Image

In addition to Aquilon (Wizard), I also play as Levante on the Korean server, and the armor you see is (also) lv 50 raid (epic) equipment for the sorcerer. If you’re currently looking at this… please save yourself and play as a female character if you want to play as a sorcerer.


The sorcerer is a very BUSY class. Deal, heal, revive, support, buff… you do it all. Even though you do it all, you always compete for the highest deal spot. Critical hits are your friend, and you find yourself often wishing you were just a support or a dealer, but you have to put up with it. If only you had the int buff and hp buff, you would put wizards and priests out of business. Sorcerer is a class that has many skills that are useful, but happen to have not enough points to invest in all of them.

Skill Build – Attack Sorcerer

(Water Tree)
Cold Bolt 5(M)
Frost Diver 3(M)
Water Arms 1
Summon Aqua 1
Healing Wave 1
Soul Cleaning 1
Meditation 1
Deluge 3

(Wind Tree)
Lightning Bolt 5(M)
Thunderstorm 1
Wind Arms 5(M)
Jupitel Thunder 3(M)
Jupitel Thunder Mastery 3(M)
Foresight 1
Lord of Vermilion 3(M)
Varetyr Spear 5(M)

(Fire Tree)
Fire Bolt 1
Fire Ball 0
Fire Bolt Mastery 0
Fire Arms 0

(Earth Tree)
Earth Arms 1
Soul Binding 3(M)
Rejuvenation 1
Earth Shield 1
Land of Recovery 3

Skill Build – Hybrid Sorcerer

(Water Tree)
Cold Bolt 5(M)
Frost Diver 1
Water Arms 1
Summon Aqua 1
Healing Wave 3*
Soul Cleaning 1
Meditation 1
Deluge 5(M)*

(Wind Tree)
Lightning Bolt 1
Thunderstorm 1
Wind Arms 5(M)
Jupitel Thunder 3(M)
Jupitel Thunder Mastery 3(M)
Foresight 1
Lord of Vermilion 1
Varetyr Spear 5(M)

(Fire Tree)
Fire Bolt 1
Fire Ball 0
Fire Bolt Mastery 0
Fire Arms 0

(Earth Tree)
Earth Arms 1
Soul Binding 3(M)
Rejuvenation 1
Earth Shield 5
Land of Recovery 3*

Skill Build – Heal Sorcerer

(Water Tree)
Cold Bolt 5(M)
Frost Diver 1
Water Arms 1
Summon Aqua 1
Healing Wave 5(M)
Soul Cleaning 1
Meditation 1* (4 is recommended)
Deluge 5(M)

(Wind Tree)
Lightning Bolt 1
Thunderstorm 1
Wind Arms 5(M)* (Either Earth Arms or Wind Arms)
Jupitel Thunder 3(M)
Jupitel Thunder Mastery 3(M)
Foresight 0
Lord of Vermilion 0
Varetyr Spear 0

(Fire Tree)
Fire Bolt 1
Fire Ball 0
Fire Bolt Mastery 0
Fire Arms 0

(Earth Tree)
Earth Arms 5(M)* (Either Earth Arms or Wind Arms)
Soul Binding 3(M)
Rejuvenation 1
Earth Shield 5(M)
Land of Recovery 5(M)

Summon Aqua – At first glance, it’s just an attacking skill but this is a skill that helps you in mysterious ways. Although it cannot be killed for the 30 seconds it is spawned, it can lure tornadoes and other random targeting skills. Even at level 1, it does decent damage (it works just like a DOT skill that’s stack able by multiple sorcerers) while acting as a support skill for luring various unwanted attacks.

Foresight – This is your PvP skill or a skill you use when you are about to go against a boss. Either way a level 1 Foresight does more than enough. Because it allows 3 spells to be casted without cast time, frost diver – jupitel thunder – varetyr spear will take out about any character. (including tanks) Against bosses, three cold bolts are used in succession for a high chance for the wind arms effect and/or jupital thunder mastery effect.

The Attack Sorcerer

This sorcerer is built for taking out minions and mobbing. When paired with a wizard with frost nova, this sorcerer are untouchable. This sorcerer is rare due to the emphasis of both earth shield and deluge.

Frost Diver + Lightning Bolt (+ Varetyr Spear) – This will melt any enemy that can be frozen. There are certain enemies that explode when in contact and the radius of explosion differs, some only damaging those touching while some killing off half of the battlefield. Frost diver stops such explosions, and with lighting bolt (and with the help of varetyr spear) should be able to take down such enemies before they cause any trouble. Additionally, frost diver + lightning bolt with wind arms effect + critical can hit up to 2500 and frost diver + jupitel thunder with wind arms effect + critical can hit up to 10000.

Lord of Vermilion – This is paired with with the wizard’s frost nova spell. Although it does only 34% lightning damage, it would be 68% with the wizard’s frost nova spell or the effect of wind arms, and even higher with critical attacks.

Earth Shield vs Deluge
Many people interchange these two spells, but they never go for both due to the lack of skill points. However most go for deluge as it is more frequently needed in parties, and the responsibility of earth shield is thrown to the next sorcerer in line.

The Hybrid Sorcerer

This is the most common sorcerer build. It literally does it all: heal, revive, attack, buff. However, the hybrid sorcerer finds itself wanting even one or two more points no matter how they try to change it.

Land of Recovery vs Deluge vs Healing Wave
This I usually leave for personal choice but to do the recent patches I want to recommend deluge. Although a Hybrid can’t heal close to a priest, it is usually found healing in tough situations and land of recovery is used nonstop. At best, it might be able to heal 2nd tank. No matter how good you might be at healing, I find it no use when a sorcerer is on the ground dead. Being a Hybrid sorcerer myself, I can tell you that your main job is not healing or attacking, or even reviving or buffing people, but staying alive.

The Heal Sorcerer

If you’re going for this build… please don’t argue with priests. Priests do get angry when seeing healing levels that are on par with them, but do hold back. Those who play as priests explained it as “graduating medical school to find someone who barely graduated high school in the same profession.” Please don’t get offended. Priests hunt with level 1 holy light until they hit level 50 while heal sorcerers use level 5 cold bolts and level 3 jupitel thunder. Although heal sorcerers lack a few buffs, it acts a little too well as a healer.

Meditation – This is one of the spells that make you think. Priests also have a very similar skill but it is left at 1 because the base healing for priests are so high, it is unneeded. However, sorcerers have fast but low healing which would make meditation much more valuable than those of priests.

Rejuvination – Although cast time should be “instant” the actions say otherwise. It has so much unneeded movement that during one use of rejuvenation, healing wave would have done just as much or even more, especially when using wind arms.

Wind Arms vs Earth Arms
Those who use Earth Arms say that those who use Wind Arms seem better at healing, and vice versa. I too cannot tell the difference between the two, so personally I would go for Wind Arms because it also helps cold bolt and jupitel thunder, but if Earth Arms which naturally gives DOT healing as well as higher healing from Land of Recovery, feel free to go for that one. There are even people who put no points in Meditation and only four in cold bolt, and ended up mastering both Wind Arms and Earth Arms.

Ragnarok Online 2 Tank Class Skills Analysis

Ragnarok Online 2 Tank Class Skills Analysis by Ibelndal

Alright so I’ve been doing a bit of research for a friend of mine that I’ve known and played MMOs with for a LONG time. He was planning on making a tank of some sort in OBT, and asked me to look into the different nuances of the tank classes and do a bit of theorycrafting for him (mostly because the large part of the joy I get out of MMOs is just that, making charts, spreadsheets etc to maximize DPS, threat generation, healing efficiency, boss strats, that sort of thing). I’ll start with initial information that can be gathered simply from the RO2 skill simulator.

DR = Damage reduction
CD = Cooldown
s = seconds

Grizzly form (Max HP +65% aggro +300%)
Feral Defense (DR +50% for 10s) cannot move or use skills (120s CD)
Survival: (Max HP and recov +25% for 15s) (60s CD)

aura armor (damage reduction 5%, max hp 20%, aggro 300%)
aura shield (20% DR for 10s) (60s CD)
shield fortress (50% DR for 10s) cannot move or use skills during (120s CD)
Aura Heal (Healed for 6% of Damage you do) (20s CD)

Flee (+20% Evasion for 10s) (60s CD)
Protection Ki (50% DR for 10s) (120s CD)
stone skin (max hp +35% defense +200% aggro 300%)
Iron Palm (Defense +50%)

aura armor (damage reduction 5%, max hp 20%, aggro 300%)
Parrying (Block rate +40% for 10s) (60s CD)
Endure (DR +40% for 10s) 120s CD
Defender (Defense +39%, Evasion +30%, Block +30% Attack -10%) (not sure if there’s a duration or not)
Tension Relax (+60% HP recovery over 20s) (120s CD)

Now, a couple of things:
– Initially upon looking at just the skills the “tank” classes get, it’s VERY clear that Beastmaster is meant more for an offtank role or simply as a safety net in case one of your tanks gets dropped so you can buy time to res them. Now since I haven’t played this class at all I’m not sure how stats effect their survivability (someone that’s been playing kRO2 would be awesome to chime in here).
– If I’m being honest, Knight looks overall fairly underwhelming as far as tanks go. Their big “oh crap” skill completely immobilizes them, and the only sort of survival skills they get are flat damage reduction, and for the most part in my experience evasion is always better then just reduction.
– Monk seems like it has a pretty solid kit overall, has some decent evasion, as well as a 50% DR skill for when things get dicey. Not to mention the passive +50% defense is pretty awesome looking.
– At first glance Warrior actually looks like it has the best tanking kit out of all of them. They get a block steroid, a DR buff, then a buff that increases ALL their defensive stats at the cost of a measely 10% attack. Not to mention a rather beefy Heal over time to lessen the strain on your healers.

As I’ve said I haven’t gotten a chance to play these classes personally (partly because I almost exclusively play healers), and because I can’t get on kRO2 and got into CBT fairly late. As I said I’m trying to gather more information on these classes for some further theorycrafting, so anyone with experience with these classes being able to chime in on stuff would be amazing.