Ragnarok Online 2 SEA – Short guide for Abandoned Lab

1) Abandoned laboratory 37 – Zaratik

Recommend questing until you do not have two quests in the award – winning Dungeon pattern sword and pattern torso. inside is still one more questpattern pants. all blue on Level 37.

I guess I must say that inst extremely simple. much easier than the basement in the Forest.

3 Khara quest.

– Kill 2 times final Boss
– kill 4 certain mobs in instances
– Kill all sorts of goblins can done for 2-3 visits

the first room on the perimeter of a large lot of trash goblins does not necessarily kill.

The first boss. GET OUT from purple circle on the ground. MAX heal and the best running back of strong AoE. screams in red chat.

straight corridor. if you do not need to Khara quest mobs then just ahead.

2 boss wall at all

BOSS wall.. but on 20% in the center of the room is four casters that cause hell demon bat . you have just a few seconds to kill all 4. otherwise wipe

Labour drops armor 37 subjects

Advice – Kinsaurus

my first party : 1 wizard (me), 2 sorcerers, 1 assassin and 1 warrior
we were all strangers for each other, first timers, same level around 38 or 39, knew nothing about this dungeon, yet we cleared this dungeon quick and easily.
because we were a full dps team, we killed 4 summoners easily and none of us knew what would happen if we killed those summoners late.

my second party : 1 wizard (me), 1 knight, 1 priest, 1 assassin and 1 warrior (same level around 38 or 39 too)
and that time, i knew what hell would happen if we killed those summoners late… our party lacked of dps, we killed those summoners late and we ended up spending almost an hour trying to beat the final boss & his summoners. well, last try i was lucky enough to have 3 consecutive critical fire bolts to kill one summoner, helped assassin to kill another, and lastly used fire explosion to kill the last remaining summoner that our knight and priest tried to beat desperately (our warrior was doing his part well).

my advice is : get a full dps party to clear this dungeon easily.



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