GTA V Money Making Tips

GTA V Making money tips


After ending all 69 missions, you will have the absolute time to free roam around LOS SANTOS and completing the side missions and hobbies.

Money should not be a problem for you unless you want to buy the 150,000,000 worth of golf club~




Alright the guide is quite simple and straight forward – Invest in stock market

Find out the rival company lets say – Fly US and Air EMU

Invest heavily in Fly Us then go to the airport and blow up all the opposite companies airplane and before that make sure u can escape from the wanted level.


Another way from

  • In the ocean near the north side of the map, you can check underwater to find a crashed airplane. When the airplane crashed, a briefcase full of money (around $12,000) also found its way to the sea bed. You can swim to find the wreckage and the briefcase. After you collect that briefcase, you can then immediately switch to another character and then switch back to the one who was located near the briefcase. When you do, the briefcase will have reappeared. The character who is underwater will collect the case again and his supply of air will return. You can repeatedly use this trick to quickly amass a small fortune.

    Contributed By: 54967316


    Mission Related way Condensed Version:

    STEP 1 – BEFORE the second assassination mission invest in [DEB] Debonaire (LCN). Sell at 80% return.

    STEP 2 – Invest in [RWC] Redwood (LCN). Advance in game clock 2 days. Sell at 300% return.

    STEP 3 – BEFORE the third assassination mission invest in [FRT] Fruit (BAWSAQ). Sell at 50% return.

    STEP 4 – AFTER the fourth assassination mission invest in [VAP] Vapid (BAWSAQ). Advance in game clock 2 days. Sell at 100% return.

    STEP 5 – BEFORE the fifth assassination mission invest in [GCD] GoldCoast (LCN). Sell at 80% return.

    As you can see, depending on your take from the last heist you can make upwards of anywhere from 1-1.5 billion dollars. If anyone finds any errors or has any input regarding this method or the stock market in general feel free to leave a comment. 

    Thank you Romez5 for this guide, much appreciated.

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