Taiwan Fancy Frontier 21 Cosplay Photos

Here’s some photo of Taiwan Fancy Frontier 21 Cosplay and the standard is good  ~~

There are a few cosplayer which amazed me and especially the one from Gundam UC – Sinanju!!!

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Hope you guys enjoy~~~

Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight — Complete Film

I found this fan made Naturo Video on youtube just now and decided to share with everyone here.

As a fan made video it is beautifully done, I can tell that a lot effort has been made during the filming process. 

Please enjoy the movie and support the makers in their next video.  : )


The story takes place after the Pain saga, with Naruto becoming the acknowledged village hero he’s always sought out to be. Seeing Naruto grow steps closer to his dream, Rock lee decides he, too, must continue to grow and push his training even harder. Feeling unfulfilled in his regimen, Lee decides to challenge Naruto to a no holds barred duel in hopes to reignite his passion to become the best ninja he can be. Naruto accepts the challenge from his close friend, and with this, the fight is set! Will Naruto’s constant growth and Nine-Tailed Fox spirit overwhelm the hardworking, hand-to-hand fighter, or will Lee, again, push his body to the limits to become the more powerful opponent? Thousand Pounds Action Company brings you “Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight”!

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Swords Story – Snow Drinking Saber ( 雪饮狂刀)Storm Riders Fung Wan

Swords Story – Snow Drinking Saber ( 雪饮狂刀)Storm Riders Fung Wan.

Sword Story – Snow drinking saber from Fung Wan / Storm Riders

via Swords Story – Snow Drinking Saber ( 雪饮狂刀)Storm Riders Fung Wan.

Swords Story – Ultimate Sword (绝世好剑)

I decided to make a special posts series to introduce and explain some swords story. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

User: Bou Ging-wan (simplified Chinese: 步惊云; traditional Chinese: 步驚雲; Mandarin PinyinBù JīngyúnJyutping: Bou6 Ging1-wan4), or Cloud, is one of the two protagonists. He was born in the Bou Family Village (步家村) in Hangzhou. His father died when he was young, so his mother remarried Fok Bou-tin and he became Fok’s stepson and was renamed ‘Fok Ging-gok’ (霍驚覺). He reverted to his original name after the Fok family was massacred by Lord Conqueror’s men and he was taken to Under Heaven Society. He specialises in palm styles of martial arts and wields the ‘Ultimate Best Sword in the World’ (絕世好劍) as his weapon, which he seized from Sword-Worshipping Villa. In contrast with Wind, Cloud appears cold and unsympathetic towards everyone except for a select few, whom he cares for and respects, but he does not know how to express his emotions well. He appears brutal and ruthless for his practice of killing every single opponent in a group of foes. He is also nicknamed the “God of Death Who Does Not Cry” (不哭死神) as he evokes a feeling of death and strikes fear in the hearts of many.

Sorry that the sword story is in Chinese

漫画家马荣成的作品《风云》中“十大神兵”之一。相传是由女娲补天后余下的四颗奇石之一制成,这颗奇石唤作「黑寒」,是石中之铁,乃天下间至寒之物。 千百年后「黑寒」由拜剑山庄庄主傲日所得。当时火麒麟四处为祸,便与聂风先祖聂英研究将「黑寒」制成一把至寒


铸剑的最后步骤是以三毒之血「贪」(剑贪之血),「瞋」(步惊云之血),「痴」(断浪之血)炼制。但所铸成的只是威力神髓所在的真元,而真正的剑体已藏于千万铸好的绝世好剑中。 最终绝世好剑由步惊云所得。 后被步惊云热泪开锋。(在《风云小说》系列中,步惊云外号「不哭死神」,天生无法落泪,故此一旦落泪,其泪水便为天下至热之物,足可以为寒铁所铸的绝世好剑开锋。)绝世好剑本身有吸摄天地灵气之能,同样也可吸收别人功力转为己用。位列当世十大神兵之一。(现知最高承受极限为「十方无敌」的三成力量。)

















神石则在风云小说中提到,变成了盂钵,是一件超级武器。 ….

From – http://www.facebook.com/arcanzswords