TERA ONLINE (EU) Endgame Gear Summary

Endgame Gear Summary- by Sapphidia

Hey all – just replied to a thread in the archer forum about endgame gear, but figured as it’s something that may be of interest to a lot of newer players who might be dinging 60 soon, I figured I may as well cut and paste the response here:

You ding 60, and via questing in the argon zones you’ll start with a free quest reward set of level 59 gold Tier12 items (often referred to as the Argon Resistance set). It’s nothing special, and you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible. You can get better Tier12 items in the easiest level 60 dungeons (fane of kaprima + balders temple Normal modes, Lab of Terror/Ebon Tower Hardmodes). However, nowadays most players skip straight to Tier 13 as it’s so cheap on the broker.7824086_orig9104751_orig

Here’s the PvE gear progression:

Tier 13 dungeon set – drops from Argon Corpus Normal (discord set), or FoK + BT hardmodes. Super cheap on the broker – you can buy a full Tier 13 set and enchant it to +9 easily with the money you get from levelling/questing to 60. Full T13 +9 is good enough for all PvE content bar Manaya’s Core Hardmode, though obviously T14 will be better. Although a +9 weapon is vital, you can save a lot of money on Alkahest by just enchanting the three T13 armor parts to +6, as long as you intend to upgrade them swiftly into T14.

F2P EDIT – since F2P, the prices on Fodder for T13 have shot up on the AHs. You may want to investigate the costs before buying until the economies stabilise or you wont be able to enchant to past +6 without huge cost.

Tier 13 Dreamkeeper craftables – rarely made nowadays, you can craft a Tier 13 set that can be masterworked via materials that drop in Balders Temple and Fane of Kaprima hardmodes. When masterworked they’re much better than the Tier 13 discord stuff, but they’re still rather expensive as people don’t run those dungeons much now so the materials are still costly due to rarity. It’s generally better to just skip these and get the better Tier 14 nowadays unless you find a great broker deal.

Tier 14 Agnitor set – drops from Nexus Traverse raid instances when nexuses happen. Gloves/Boots/Chest are very easy to get in PuGs. The weapon however needs several months of grinding nexuses for points (depending on how many nexuses per week you can make – maybe 5-6 weeks if you can make most of them).

F2P EDIT – The Agnitor set is now about 1/4 of the price, so you’ll be able to grind an agnitor weapon reasonably easily now, maybe 2-3 weeks depending on reputation if you make all nexuses. They can also be bought and sold on the Trade Broker. It’s currently going for similar prices to the Abyss Set, so doesn’t really affect the buying part.

Tier 14 Abyss set – basically the same quality as the Agnitor set. Some classes prefer Agnitor chest/weapons, some prefer the stats on abyss, but pretty much the same as each other. Drops from Argon Corpus Hard Mode, which you’ll need good gear (and coordination) to PuG, but you can buy Abyss parts on the broker. They’re fairly expensive for a new 60.

Tier 14 Queen’s Wrath set – drops from Manaya’s Core Normal mode. Puggable if you have good gear and know what you’re doing. Identical stats to the Abyss set, but has a much rarer look to it and can be used as template. Queen’s Wrath gear thus tends to be about twice as expensive on the broker as Abyss gear. You’re paying for looks/style.

Tier 14 Jax/Theory Rep Gear – F2P Patch brought two new factions in Cutthroat Harbor and Allemantheia which supply a T14 Chest and T14 Weapon with about a week of doing dailies. The T14 weapon is better than +9 T13 and doesnt need to be enchanted, so is a great stopgap. Any enchantable T14 weapon will start beating it at about +7 or over. The chest is very strong. Better than T13 +9, about on par with T14 +6 for power, but has Class Damage boosts. A lot of DPS classes will want to use these chests over Abyss/Agnitor. Regent set is better. Tanks/Healers might still prefer Abyss/Agnitor though.

Abyss weapon from broker and agnitor boots/gloves from nexus and the Jax/Theory T14 chest is probably the cheapest/easiest way to a get a good set of full Tier 14 depending on luck.

Tier 14 Regent Set – now we’re talking. This only drops from Manaya’s Core Hardmode. You wont get this boss down without really nice gear and probably a full static group – very few players in EU have downed her so far. The Weapons and Chests blow other T14 out of the water for PvE (especially chests, as they have unique damage-boosts for class skills). You can buy regent stuff off the broker but it’s incredibly expensive, and PvE-only.

Tier 14 Visionmaker set – this set is the best set in Tera for both PvP AND PvE. It simply has the best stats on all parts. It’s crafted… but the parts you need to make it drop from Manaya’s Core Hardmode, are bind on pickup so you need to be there for the kill, and can take months of farming to amass the materials. Unless you’re in a static group that farms MC Hardmode you wont be able to get any parts of Visionmaker.6401560_orig


And PVP Gear Progression:

Victor’s Set (T13 non-enchantable) – the default PvP set. It drops sometimes off any boss in Argon Corpus Normal Mode, so if you want to go into battlegrounds in pvp gear, you might want to farm ACNM a little first, or your first few battlegrouds will be… not fun. You can buy a full victors set for pvp credits though from doing battlegrounds, and they’re very very cheap. An afternoon of solid battlegrounds in rubbish T12/T13 pve gear will probably get you enough poitns to buy a full victors. It’s not too bad. It’s certainly better than pve gear.

F2P EDIT – Victors set is now even cheaper to buy with points, and can be bought and traded on the Trade Broker (though still only drops in Argon Corpus Normal). It only takes a few BGs now to get a full set, or you can just buy a set with gold. Very easy to obtain.

Fraywind set (Tier 13 enchantable) – Fraywind is a smallish but noticeable upgrade over Victor’s. You can -occasionally- get lucky drops of fraywind armor in the Nexus, but it’s rare. Mostly you’ll be grinding a full set of Fraywind gear and +9ing it as your first target in grinding battlegrounds – you buy it for pvp credits, and it’s about 10 times as expensive as the victor’s set.

Conjunct set (Tier 14 masterworkable) – Conjunct is currently the best PvP-specific set, though Visionmaker will beat it. Conjunct is crafted and uses materials and items from both Battlegrounds and Nexus. You need a full set of Fraywind gear AND a full set of Agnitor gear, plus other tokens from Nexus and PvP credits. It will take a long time of grinding both BGs and Nexus to amass the points needed for a full set of Conjunct, but basically full Conjunct is what most players will consider the best obtainable option for a PvP set.

Tier 14 Visionmaker set – As mentioned above, Visionmaker from MC Harmdmode is technically the best PvE -and- PvP set available, so is better than Conjunct, but it comes from the hardest PvE content and is incredibly hard to get. If you’re a purely PvP-focused player, full Conjunct should be your dream end goal for now.

And finally …. 3v3 Arena set – Coming in the next content patch, it seems the 3v3 arena will allow players to buy a new set of Tier 14 masterworked PvP gear. From what I know, it will actually be -better- than the Conjunct set, but details as to how it will be implemented on the non-korean teras arent available yet.



For now, as a fresh 60 wanting to get some PvP – buy some T13 pve gear off the broker, run Argon Corpus a few times to get some lucky Victors gear drops, and do some basic battlegrounds until you have enough points/luck for full Victors. Then grind nothing but Battlegrounds and Nexuses and get yourself a full Fraywind set, enchant it to +9, whilst saving nexus points for the materials needed to eventually convert it into Conjunct.

For a fresh 60 wanting to get some PvE – skip Tier 12, buy a full set of T13 off the broker, or as much as you can afford and get the rest from running the dungeons. I’d still recommend trying out all of the dungeons though, even the early normal ones that only drop Tier 12 so you can get experience in the easier versions of the boss encounters before moving to the harder stuff. Always do Nexuses when they pop, and work towards being geared and experienced enough to get the AC Hardmode and MC Normal dungeons down, gradually swapping out your T13s into Tier 14 Abyss/Agnitor/Queens Wrath set.

If you get enough cash and feel the need, buy either a Regent’s Weapon or Chestpiece (glove/boots arent noticeably better than the other T14 stuff). Gradually aim for a full set of Regents Gear if you really want to be the best, but most semi-casual players who enjoy the PvE content outside of Manaya’s Core Hardmode will be happy in a full set of ANY masterworked Tier 14, be it Regent, Abyss or Agnitor. If you want to be a more hardcore PvE player, get yourself full T14 and find yourself a static group to farm Manaya’s Core hardmode, to aim for Regents into eventually Visionmaker gear.






Ragnarok Online 2 Warrior Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Warrior Guide by TakeoTakeda

Posted Image


Warriors are trained in the use of various weapons and tactics while taking advantage of their superior charismatic force. The Warrior is a Nomad of Honor, they are not authorized by the Kingdom of Prontera. Warriors are free to harm humans, they believe that due to it’s nature military combat will always affect the public. They are only allowed to participate in military action battles as “mercenaries”. Nevertheless, for those who with to fight the path to become a Warrior is a popular one. Warriors have proven to be more efficient than any other combat class and have the most polished expertise on the battlefield.


DPS stats:
41 str
41 agi

Tank stats:
*NOTED that there’s no ACTUAL stats for Tank, since vit is pretty much useless unless your want to see your HP higher than anyone (slightly). But I recommend either this 3 stats:

40 str
40 vit
8 agi

40 str
30 agi
rest vit

*this build if you think you don’t need any HP boost*
41 str
41 agi

STR – increase your Phy. attack and your parry rates
VIT – Increase your HP
AGI – Increase your dodge rates and critical rates.

The only stat you need to focus is having 40 str at the end of the day. This is because that’s the source of your phy. attack! Besides that, what’s matter the most is your equipment’s bonus stats as they have a big role in boosting your status.


My personal Build (Off Tank):

Posted Image

Those who wish to be pure DPS (not recommended by it’s your choice):

Posted Image

Swordman Skill

Bash 5/5
max this skill since it is your everyday skill!

Head Assault 5/5 or 1/5
Max or leave this at lvl 1. your choice!

Provoke 1 /5
aggroing monster. leave it at lv 1

Battle Orders 5/5
need to say more? 10% str baby! max it!

Aura Strike 5/5
Definitely max this. This will be one of your main attack.

Wide Provoke 1/5 or 0/5
just leave it at lv 1. Not as effective as your red potions! XD. leave it at 0/5 if you’re going to become pure DPS.

Armor Aura 5/5 or 0/5
this is a MUST have skill for Off Tank Warrior. 300% agrro, 20% more hp. If you’re going to become pure DPS warrior, leave it at 0

Sword Aura 1/5 or 5/5
lalala~ baka~ leave it at lv 1, unless you want to be pure DPS. do not recommend

Magnum Break 0/5
don’t bother spending your precious point here~

Battle Manual 0/5
same as above~

Warrior Skill:

Anger Control 2/2
no need to ask. it’s your MUST have skill lol. I recommend to max this but you can choose not to.

Berserk 1/5 or 5/5
increase your attack by 4 * Lv. leave it at 1/5 if you’re going to become OT, or max this if you’re planning to be Pure DPS.

Tension Relax 3/3
Your only self heal. max this. would definitely save some of your red pots.

Bowling Bash 5/5
another your everyday skill. Max this.

Pommel Attack 1/5
you rarely use this skill. Leave it at lv 1.(useful for pvp)

Parrying 3/5
great skill for tank. Leave it if you’re not Tank.

Endure 5/5
Another skill for tank. Leave it if you’re not Tank.

Battle Leaf 1/5
Leave it at lv 1. Rarely use it(useful for pvp)

Rage Strike 3/5 or 5/5
your STRONGEST skill. If You’re tank, no need to max this. (80% phy. damage at lv 3, 90% at lv 5, and it’s up to 3 monster!)

Brandish Storm 3/3
your only AOE skill. Max this! (it has no cooldown, and it looks cool! XD)

Defender 0/5 or 5/5
a MUST have skill for Off Tank warrior, otherwise leave it.


Ancient Assassin Card (I don’t remember the stats. but it add your str/agi and vit if I’m not mistaken)

Snatcher Raiders Card
str +6
agi +6
int +6
wis +6
vit +17

Garbong card
STR +9
agi +9
vit +9
int +6
wis +3

There you go folks! I will update this from time to time. see you guys again!


It look awesome and cant wait to play it for real.

Lets not tempt us for long

The Game Play of MGS ground zero


Trailer for MGS Ground Zeroes


(From Examiner.com)

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes” is coming and people know the game will be an open-world, but people may not know exactly how long Kojima Productions will make this game.

According to a report from VG24/7 yesterday, “Metal Gear” creator Hideo Kojima revealed that people will be able to play over four days worth of gaming before fully completing this next installment of the franchise.

“[It’s] set in a very open world where players can wander around and explore freely. Players should still be able to find new sights and worthwhile adventures after having played the game for as many as 100 hours,” Kojima said.

Kojima has also stated before that this “Metal Gear Solid” iteration will be bringing more new elements to the series than ever before.

“I’ve always said that I want to work on original properties, but ‘Metal Gear’ offers plenty of benefits.

“The Fox Engine, for example, took a lot of time and money [to create]; we were only able to develop it because it was intended for the next ‘Metal Gear.’

“In the next game, I’m introducing concepts intended for entirely new intellectual properties using the ‘Metal Gear’ brand,” Kojima said.

Do you think you will be able to complete the over 100 hours of gameplay from “Ground Zeroes?”

Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 Review

This is from G4TV

Call of Duty continues to march out a game every year, but has it managed to stay in line with what gamers expect from the series? How do you keep a game fresh, while keeping it the same? Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 a game you’ll want to buy or put on your wishlist? Find out in our full review below!

The Pros
  • Cinematic storyline with branching moments feels truly epic
  • Multiplayer has been kicked up several notches
  • New options add lots of replay value
The Cons
  • Was the zombie mode worth the hype?
  • Strike Force levels have atrocious AI
Gameplay video

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review:

The Call of Duty franchise has continually steamrolled the competition, and as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releases this holiday season, it enters a field crowded with competition. Just the past few weeks alone have brought us Borderlands 2Halo 4 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter, with two of those games dominating our free time, and the other one… not. And that’s just the recent FPS lineup. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of games to divert your attention right now.

But Activision’s powerhouse title wants all eyes trained on it at launch as it tries to beat the massive “biggest entertainment launch ever” already set by its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. So how does it stack up?



There’s a 2 on the Box For A Reason!

Black Ops 2 is a sequel in both title and story, although it does not pick up immediately where the first game left off. Instead, we’re years in the future, where the present time is now 2025. You’re still playing as Mason, although this time it’s David Mason, son of Alex Mason from the original Black Ops. He’s visiting Frank Woods, his father’s old (literally) partner who has information about Raul Menendez, and possibly a terrorist attack on the United States.

That’s where the train begins to pull out of the station in Black Ops 2, and it will take you on a wild ride around the world, and jump through multiple points in time. You’ll be back in the boots of Alex Mason, running missions again alongside Woods, and you’ll encounter historical figures in the game, like Oliver North and Manuel Noriega, who they casually nickname “Pineapple Face.”

You’ll see the bond between Woods and the elder Mason deepen, based on missions they carried out post Black Ops, and you’ll also find out just who Raul Menendez is, and why Treyarch considers him to be “the most dangerous terrorist since Bin Laden.” Although you’ve played through the campaign at least once, you’ll probably conclude that Menendez is much, much worse.

Zombie Trailer

But for the majority of the game, you’ll be doing duty as David Mason and often following directly in your father’s footsteps as you trail Menendez and try to stop a global terrorist event by his hands. During your time as David, you’ll be partnered up with fellow soldier Harper, voiced by and modeled after Michael Rooker who does a fantastic job throughout this game. We’re just glad he never went full Merle Dixon on us.

The team was extremely proud to be able to bring screenwriter David S. Goyer in as a story consultant on this title, and it shows in the plot. This is a massive story with some truly horrific moments embedded in it. It entwines a fantastic story into the plotlines of Black Ops, and does a commendable job of pushing us 13 years into the future. While the Rare Earth Elements storyline might seem farfetched at first, if you do a little digging into the science behind it, you’ll find that it is eerily on target.

Little things like the fact that some of the missions (and a multiplayer map) take place aboard an aircraft carrier named the USS Obama, and the usage of biometric identity bracelets that insert your image into advertisements aboard a luxurious floating city seem grounded in the reality of today. Then there’s all of the future tech you’ll get to play with, like wing suits and flechette guns with exploding rounds. Most of the really nifty toys aren’t available in multiplayer, giving the campaign another notch in its replayability belt.

Black Ops 2

Replay’s The Thing

Speaking of replay, while the game has a fairly epic campaign that should take about eight hours to complete in full, for the first time in a Call of Duty game, there are finally reasons to replay the campaign besides just upping the difficulty level. There are branching decisions throughout that will affect your story, and ultimately the ending of the game.

Some of these decisions will also trigger Strike Force levels, which are optional levels that will appear from time to time within the game. While you don’t have to take part in these at all, your decisions here will also affect the endgame. Plus, you can also fail these levels, although you can try to replay them if you have the resources. But they will only be available for a limited time, and once the window closes, they are gone forever.

The branching events in the campaign are where the story treads into the “interactive storytelling” realm. Sometimes these can be somewhat trivial and cosmetic, and at other times they can have a bearing on future campaign events and on Strike Force levels. You can easily identify these moments as they happen in the campaign with certain achievements, or you can see them in the level menus where your progress is marked.

Black Ops 2

Case in point on the trivial side: During a later mission to a luxurious floating city, Harper remarks that if he was on his own time, he would get some “hot chick” action. When I replayed the game, in an earlier mission, where we were fleeing the wrath of Menendez, I accidentally steered our car under a jet of flame, badly burning half of Harper’s face. When made our way to the floating city, and Harper makes his “hot chick” remark, one of the other characters quips, “Not with that face.” Ouch!

With these decisions and levels boil down to is a first for the franchise: multiple endings. While it isn’t a new idea in the video game industry, it’s a novel approach for Call of Duty, and it will make you want to replay the campaign more than once.

Black Ops 2

A Strike Against Strike Force

While we fully support branching storylines and welcome decisions that have a direct affect on the outcome of your game, unfortunately these Strike Force levels are a bit of a misstep. First of all, they are meant to be strategic. Offering the player a satellite level top-down view of the battlefield, you can issue rudimentary commands to your units like move and attack.

Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence in these units just isn’t enough to get the job done, and after much frustration you’ll find that it is often much easier to jump down into a single soldier unit to get the job done. A good example of this was in a level where we had to plant three beacons at different locations on at a cargo ship port. After issuing movie commands to our units, they would frequently get pinned down by enemy fire, or easily taken out by gunfire.

While part many Call of Duty multiplayer matches involves you lone-wolfing it, we didn’t expect to be leaving squads and units behind in the campaign in order to secure or complete objectives. Thankfully you can gain the ability to continue trying Strike Force levels as you complete campaign missions, but they vanish after you progress past a certain point so if you’re a completist you’ll have to act fast or forego that level forever.

Our advice: after beginning a Strike Force level, figure out the objective, and then issue rough move commands to your units before jumping into a single soldier and then go Rambo on the situation.

Black Ops 2

Loading Out

Another first for the Call of Duty series is the ability to change up your loadouts before missions, giving you variety to how you play the single player missions. You’ll encounter challenges in each mission that will require certain weapons, and besides just completing a missions, you can now stat-track each one as well to see what your “score” was. While this doesn’t create a massive different, it is nice to see some variety here, and to select your preferred weapon set before launching a mission.

The loadout changes carry over into multiplayer as well, where the biggest change to that mode comes in the form of the new “Pick 10” system. Now you can pick only ten different items: weapons, perks, attachments, wildcards, etc. to outfit yourself with before a match begins. As you progress through multiplayer, you can gain wildcards that allow you to carry two primary weapons, or have more than one Perk 1 and so one, but you continually have to juggle your ten so you don’t go over.

Black Ops 2

Multipass, No Leeloo Dallas Required

If you’ve ever glanced at the top of the online gaming charts for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, then you know that Call of Duty titles frequently own the top slot. But this presents the developers with a unique problem where they need to innovate, while adhering to the adage ‘If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.” So while they haven’t radically changed multiplayer, they have definitely kicked it up several notches.

First and foremost is through the Pick 10 system, which introduces arguably the largest change to single player since perks were first introduced. The one real effect that the system has is that it will cause you to constantly fiddle with your loadouts. In Black OpsModern Warfare 3Modern Warfare 2 and so on, players tended to find a loadout they preferred, and would just stick with it.

With Pick 10, you’ll find yourself diving into the menus between matches to change something minor, or alter your loadout completely by equipping two primary weapons, or by equipping no weapons whatsoever (which equips your melee blade by default) and trying to rank up your knife. It’s a simple system, but one that provides a ton of variety. We just wish it had a giant slot machine handle built in that could dial up a random loadout at any time.

Black Ops 2

There are multiple new attachments in the game that are unlockable as you rank up your weapons, many of which are new to the game. These include millimeter-wave scanners that can show enemies through obstacles, and shock charge grenades that stun enemies that get near them. Taking a page from Gears of War, your assault shields can now be embedded in the ground as well, giving you portable cover that you can move and place at will.

Scorestreaks are now replacing Killstreaks, and those have been tweaked as you would expect and updated with “future” 2025 weaponry. Some of these changes are small, but extremely welcomed. Sentry Guns now fight autonomously, or you can jump into them at any time to take control. The same goes for the Autonomous Ground Robot drone that you can jump in and out of.

Easily the most useful and devious Scorestreak at our disposal was the Guardian. This sets up a microwave-based turret that can be aimed in one direction. It will cause an enemy to slow down, become disoriented, and if they don’t get out of the way of the beam fast enough it will kill them. In one of our Search & Destroy matches, a teammate planted the bomb and set up a Guardian on the bombsite. He was subsequently killed, but the lone remaining enemy could not get close enough to disarm the bomb without cooking himself. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself while trying, giving us the win.

Black Ops 2

A La Mode

Multiplayer has also shaken up the modes this time around, and thankfully gone is the CoD Cash/Points system from the original Black Ops. So instead of Wager Matches you just have Party Games, but they bring back Sharpshooter, Gun Game, One in the Chamber, and Stick & Stones. Combat Training is also more integral to multiplayer as well, with up to three live players and three bots being able to take part in Bootcamp, where you can also rank up from one to ten. You can also play Objective modes with bots beyond level ten, although you’ll only earn half XP.

Objective modes are now round-based, so for instance in Domination, players will now switch sides in the attack and defend back and forth. There are some new modes as well, including Hardpoint, which is basically King of the Hill with a constantly changing target. Or it might be more appropriate to call it Headquarters… without the Headquarters. Custom Games are back as well, with multiple options to tweak including bots in all game modes, and the ability to change Pick 10 to Pick 3 up to Pick 17.

Also new is League Play, where you can team up and rank up as a league. There’s a large, ladder-based tier system in play here, framed loosely after the Diamond etc. ladders inStarCraft 2. However in our brief time with the game, we weren’t able to see how accurately it rates your play here. Although like StarCraft, you do have to participate in a number of placement matches before you get an actual ranking, which is promising. Hardcore Clan players, this is probably where you’ll want to take your teams to play.

Black Ops 2

Another addition is Multi-Team play, which has up to 18 players and six teams competing with each other. It’s somewhat chaotic when multiple teams are on the map, sometimes forcing you to try and work with another team if one of the others starts to pull way ahead. At least, it forces you to do that as much as you can in CoD multiplayer, where kill first, ask for cooperation later is normally the rule of thumb.

The Theater mode has been tweaked as well, with players able to store 20 clips (which can all be merged into one big clip), and the ability to attach the camera to objects in the game, like the Dragonfire quad-copter scorestreak, or the RCDX remote control car. You can also now CoDcast recorded games, which

But easily our favorite addition was the ability to create an instant highlight reel. Simply pull up a match and select this option, and a reel of your best moments in the game will be created on the fly. You can play with the settings for the moments it captures, but right out of the box it does a fine job of making a brag reel to share without all of the video scrubbing and editing.

How Prestigious is Prestige?

Prestige has also been revamped here, with level 55 as the target number for Prestige, and at 10 levels deep. But this time hitting Prestige does not wipe your slate clean. It now continues your level progression, and your weapon XP and attachments are not reset, nor are the challenges. Your unlocks stay unlocked. You’ll be able to choose one of three rewards whenever you hit the magic number, allowing you to add a new Create a Class slot (up to 5), get a Refund of unlock tokens, or get a Fresh Start which actually does reset all of your stats and kicks you back to level one.

Black Ops 2

eSports Are eHarmony For Some, Not For Others

Treyarch has bent over backwards to satisfy the eSports community with Black Ops 2, which includes the aforementioned League Play and also encompasses shoutcasting and livestreaming as well. With CoDcasting (their version of shoutcasting), there are multiple controls in the game that allow a commentator to navigate through any game with a variety of tools including picture-in-picture, map view, a score panel, name plates, and the ability to drop in and out of player conversations.

During our review event, professional shoutcaster Hastro watched a match we played in, and then CoDcasted out the entire game in commentary mode, and we captured the video here for you to watch. While it might only be a very small group of gamers that take advantage of this mode, expect it to pop up frequently as people try it out. One thing we learned: it’s tough to make an entire Call of Duty multiplayer match sound exciting the whole time.

You can also livestream your matches out directly to the web, giving everyone the ability to become a YouTube superstar. Again, this is going to result in a ton of content, but it will be up to you to separate the good from the bad.

The Undead Just Keep On Coming

Much has been ballyhooed about the new Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and while it initially feels huge, it’s not quite what we were hoping for. Black Ops provided a rich undead experience with so much Zombie DLC for the game made available after launch, including the fan-favorite Call of the Dead, and the Rezurrection DLC which was only zombie maps.

We fully expect that trend to continue, as right now Zombies in this game feels like only part of a sprawling puzzle that has yet to be unlocked. That doesn’t mean that the zombies aren’t fun here, we just expected something bigger given that the mode now has it’s own menu screen and selection system. Although it’s a statement unto itself that we’ve come to expect to much from this game mode, which almost felt like an afterthought when it was included with Call of Duty: World at War.

The largest change to Zombies is the Tranzit system, which finds you and up to three other survivors struggling to stay alive at several different locations, which can be visited via an automated bus on a looping route. Starting out at a semi-destroyed bus depot, the animatronic bus driver (think Johnny Cab from Total Recall and voiced by Nolan North) will kindly honk before pulling out and taking the journey to the next stop. You can opt to stay on the bus (yes, it will get attacked by zombies on the way and while stopped), or stay at your locations. But as a warning: if you try to run from location to location without the bus, you’ll get attacked by these nightmare-inducing baby things that leap onto your skull. Don’t try it unless you have a death wish.

But Zombies is all about exploration, and to augment that fact the team has created “Buildables” in the world of Zombies now, giving players the chance to combine parts at workbenches in order to create useful items. For instance an electric fan and a dressmaker’s mannequin make a power turbine. Naturally, right? You can also find single-use items such as a ladder that can be attached to your bus to allow rooftop access, or a wedge for the front of the bus to shove zombies aside.

There are a wealth of secrets to unlock in here, just like any good zombies map, and while we like to think it will keep gamers busy for weeks, we have no doubt that there will be full unlock guides on YouTube by the end of launch day, augemented by the fact that Zombie games can now be loaded in the Theater. The development team definitely played coy with us here, and there’s still a lot to find even after our team managed to stay alive through 15 waves of zombies.

Zombies also adds a new grief mode where you can play another team of four (it’s always the FBI vs. the CDC, as an FYI) in humans vs. humans vs. zombies. The goal here is to outlast the other team, and thankfully there are some mechanics to aid you in that goal, like chucks of meat you can find and toss into the midst of the enemy team, bringing with it rabid hordes of the undead.

What we recommend: Jump into Survival which has up to four players trying to survive waves in the locations from Tranzit. The Buildables are still there, and it will give your team a chance to learn how they work without having to worry about multiple locations for now.

Black Ops 2

All On Accounta Pullin’ A Trigger

Honestly, the most impressive thing about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is that Treyarch and Activision didn’t just dump a few new maps and weapons in here and slap a “TWO” on the box. A ton of work has gone into this game from top to bottom, and it stands as a real testament to the developers who didn’t want to just coattail this one into the books. Nearly every system and aspect of the game has been tweaked or overhauled, and it certainly shows in the final product.

While the Strike Force levels are welcomed because of their eventual affect on the outcome of the game, the presentation and AI in them needs a serious overhaul. Call of Duty has always been about the first-person shooting experience, and attempting to add a strategic element to that could work at some point, but it doesn’t really come together here. Likewise, the Zombies mode feels slightly hobbled, and while that will probably be filled out via DLC, we would like a more complete package out of the box.

But despite the slight dings in Strike Missions and Zombies, the series continues to shine with its incredibly ambitious, globe-spanning, epic single player campaign, which is now augmented with an incredibly high replay factor. And it should come as no surprise that the multiplayer continues to shine, and will dominate the online game boards in the weeks and months to come. The series has come to be strongly identified by its online multiplayer, and the same holds true in this latest release. They’ve perfected the scratch to the itch you have when you feel the need to jump online and shoot things.

And as with most Call of Duty titles, stay tuned after the credits for something extra. Although this time, be prepared for the truly bizarre. Seriously. It still has us simultaneously scratching our heads and tapping our toes.

Guild Wars 2 Guide – Grendich Gamble Puzzle

Guild Wars 2 Grendich Gamble Puzzle Solution Guide by Gabriel

Grendich Puzzle is one of the puzzles under “Explorer” achievement which gives 10 achievement points.

This puzzle took me quite a while because I was a bit rushing it at first. You will need a lot of patience and concentration in doing this (like some hard vistas).

3 Things to learn before doing this puzzle
1.) Long jump – Press and hold W+Space, the longest jump your character can do
2.) Short jump – Press W+Space (Really short distance jumps, small landing platform)
3.) Jump – Simply press Space

So first, its location…

It’s in Blasted Moors under Dissea Plateau (above black citadel, on the right of wayferer foothills). This makes it more accessible to Charrs and Norns.

Let’s get started (Comments/Instruction are written below each picture)

Go up the stairs… You will see 3 ghost cannons, you can either destroy it or walk past it.

From the first stairs, turn right for another set of stairs, go up again. Proceed with caution, take note of some cracks on the floor.

From the second set of stairs turn right again and you will see that the next set of stairs is in the other side. Do a LONG JUMP and land on the small space.

You are now on the third set of stairs, turn right again.

From here do a JUMP.

Here is where the hard part starts, go straight then do a JUMP on the lowest part of the destroyed wall

From there do a JUMP to your right. Then face north.

After facing north. Do a LONG JUMP to this space.

Do a SHORT JUMP to the first small piece of wood you see.

On to the next one, do another SHORT JUMP.

And… another SHORT JUMP.

From there, JUMP to this part.

This is one of the hardest parts in this puzzle, you have to do this slowly. Go to the edge of the platform then slowly move to the left, and drop to the small wood on the left side.

Then do a LONG JUMP to the destroyed part of the wall, north of your character.

You’re almost done, this is another toughest part of the puzzle.

First, LONG JUMP on the lowest wood.

Then do another LONG JUMP to the destroyed wall.

Then another LONG JUMP to the wood.

Then do a SHORT JUMP to the wood right next to it. (This is a bit tough because the camera view will act a little buggy because you’re up against the wall. Do it slowly)

From the wood, do a LONG JUMP and land on the floor near the stairs. Go up the stairs.

On top you’re gonna fight a veteran ascalonian and a ghost trebuchet.

Now you’re done you will unlock the achievement and get 10 achievement points

Guild Wars 2 Armor Smiting Guide Level 1 – 400

Written by Zpyr0



PLEASE NOTE: Take the HUGE advantage of using Craft Boosters and utilizing the WvWvW Crafting Buffs. The guides were written on “Over Flow” servers, meaning I received no Crafting Bonuses. If you have the WvWvW buff and the Crafting booster, you will NEED to skip a great deal of this guide. Please always remember this is a guide for crafting, and it can only do so much. It will not be perfect for you, critical crafting success makes crafting extremely random.
If your crafting critical rate is %15, that doesn’t always mean you will get 15 critical out of 100. You could get 150 critical crafts in a row or you could have zero critical crafts for 75 crafts. So I can only provide a strong base to help guide you.
Shopping List Notes:YOU CAN ALTER THE SHOPPING LIST, this is JUST a guide but be advised if you change things it can get nasty quick. You have to make sure whatever you substitute is equivalent to what you are replacing. If the Fine Materials/Tier Materials are for level25 you can only substitute level25 Fine Materials/Tier Materials. Sounds confusing? It easily can be haha that is why you should just follow the guide.

Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith 1-75

Lump[s] of TinLump[s] of Tin (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
40 Spools of JuteSpools of Jute (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
Craft Phase – Refinements:
48 Bolts of Jute – Requires 96 Jute Scraps
34 Bronze Ingot – Requires 70 Copper Ore + 7 Lump[s] of Tin Note: You will craft 1 extra ingot.
20 Spools of Jute – Purchased from Crafting Vendor
Craft Phase – Components / Base Armor Sets:
You will not be combining these without an inscription! All crafts using the potions and weapons are discovery only.
Craft Phase – Low Insignia:
4* Malign Jute Insignia = 1 Bolt[s] of Jute + 3 Tiny Venom Sac[s]
4* Vital Jute Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Jute + 3 Bone Chip[s]
*Save for Helm and Shoulder*
2* Mighty Jute Insignia[s] =  1 Bolt[s] of Jute + 3 Vial[s] of Weak Blood
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Bronze Chain Boot Lining[s] + Bronze Chain Boot Panel[s] + Malign/Vital Insignia
Bronze Chain Glove Lining[s] + Bronze Chain Glove Panel[s] + Malign/Vital Insignia
You should be LEVEL 25+ 
Craft Phase – Components / Base Armor Sets:
Craft Phase – High Insignia:
4* Precise Jute Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Jute + 3 Tiny Claw[s]
4* Healing Jute Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Jute + 3 Tiny Totem[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Bronze Helmet Casing[s] + Bronze Helmet Lining[s] + Malign/Mighty/Vital/Precise/Healing Insignia
Bronze Chain Boot Lining[s] + Bronze Chain Boot Panel[s] + Precise/Healing Insignia
Bronze Chain Glove Lining[s] + Bronze Chain Glove Panel[s] + Precise/Healing Insignia
You should be LEVEL 50+ 
Craft Phase – Components / Base Armor Sets:
Shoulder Pads:
Craft Phase – Embroided Insignia:
4* Malign Embroidered Jute Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Jute + 5 Spool[s] of Jute + 8 Tiny Venom Sac[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Bronze Pauldron Casing[s]+ Bronze Pauldron Lining[s] + Malign/Mighty/Vital/Precise/Healing Insignia
You will now have a Glove, Boot, Shoulder and Helm Set remaining. Simply combine each set with Malign Embroidered Jute Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 75+ 
If you are not 75+ you will need to craft a different Embroided Inscription and Armor set
Shopping List:
2 Bronze Ingots (buy from Trading Post unless you have 2 extra)
2 Bolt of Jute
6 Spool of Jute
8 Tier 1 items EXCEPT Venom Sac[s]
  • Craft Glove Lining and Panel
  • Craft (1) Inscription of your choosing
    • 8* x Material + 1 Dowel = Embroided Insignia
  • Combine Embroided Insignia with Glove Pieces

Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith 75-150

94 Wool Scrap[s]Wool Scrap[s]
56 Spools of WoolSpools of Wool (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
Craft Phase – Refinments:
47 Bolts of Wool – Requires 94 Wool Scrap[s]
36 Iron Ingot – Requires 108 Iron Ore
56 Spools of Wool – Purchased from Crafting Vendor
Craft Phase – Components / Base Armor Sets:
Craft Phase – Low Insignia:
2* Ravaging Wool Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Wool + 3 Small Venom Sac[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Later in the guide I will descibe this phase as such
Combine Helm/Shoulder with Ravaging Wool Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 100+
Craft Phase – High Insignia:
4* Rejuvenating Wool Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Wool + 3 Small Totem[s]
4* Honed Wool Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Wool + 3 Small Fangs[s]
3* Hearty Wool Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Wool + 3 Small Scale[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine All armor sets with High Insignia making a total of 11 discoveries
  Note: you will not combine boots with Hearty insignia
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Rejuvenating Wool Insignia[s]
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Honed Wool Insignia[s]
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Hearty Wool Insignia[s]
You should now be LEVEL 125+
Craft Phase – Embroided Insignia:
4* Ravaging Embroidered Wool Insignia[s]  = 1 Bolt[s] of Wool + 5 Spool of Wool  + 8 Small Venom Sacs[s]
3* Vigorous Embroidered Wool Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Wool + 5 Spool of Wool + 8 Bone Shard[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Ravaging Embroidered Wool Insignia[s]
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Vigorous Embroidered Wool Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 150+ 
 NOTE:  IF you are not level 150

Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith 150-225

36 Lump[s] of CoalLump[s] of Coal (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
56 Spools of CottonSpools of Cotton (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
38 Venom Sac[s]Venom Sac[s]
24 Bone[s]Bone[s]
12 Fang[s]Fang[s]
12 40px-TotemTotem[s]
Craft Phase – Refinments:
47 Bolts of Cotton – Requires 94 Cotton Scrap[s]
36 Steel Ingot – Requires 106 Iron Ore + 36 Lump[s] of Coal
56 Spools of Cotton – Purchased from Crafting Vendor
Craft Phase – Components / Base Armor Sets:
Craft Phase – Low Insignia:
2* Ravaging Cotton Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Cotton + 3 Venom Sac[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine Helm/Shoulder with Ravaging Cotton Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 175+
Craft Phase – High Insignia:
4* Rejuvenating Cotton Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Cotton + 3 Totem[s]
4* Honed Cotton Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Cotton + 3 Fangs[s]
3* Hearty Cotton Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Cotton + 3 Scale[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine All armor sets with High Insignia making a total of 11 discoveries
  Note: you will not combine boots with Hearty insignia
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Rejuvenating Cotton Insignia[s]
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Honed Cotton Insignia[s]
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Hearty Cotton Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 200+
Craft Phase – Embroided Insignia:
4* Ravaging Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s]  = 1 Bolt[s] of Cotton + 5 Spool of Cotton  + 8 Venom Sacs[s]
3* Vigorous Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Cotton + 5 Spool of Cotton + 8 Bone[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Ravaging Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Vigorous Embroidered Cotton Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 225+
 NOTE:  IF you are not level 225+

Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith 225-300

36 40px-Lump of PrimordiumLump[s] of Primordium (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
56 40px-Spool of Linen ThreadSpools of Linen (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
38 40px-Sharp FangSharp Fang[s]
24 40px-Heavy BoneHeavy Bone[s]
12 40px-Sharp ClawSharp Claw[s]
Craft Phase – Refinments:
47 Bolts of Linen – Requires 94 Linen Scrap[s]
36 DarkSteel Ingot – Requires 72 Platinum Ore + 36 Lump[s] of Primordium
56 Spools of Linen – Purchased from Crafting Vendor
Craft Phase – Components / Base Armor Sets:
4* DarkSteel Splint Boot Casing[s]
4* DarkSteel Splint Boot Lining[s]
5* DarkSteel Splint Gauntlet Lining[s]
5* DarkSteel Splint Gauntlet Plates[s]
6* DarkSteel Splint Helmet Casing[s]
6* DarkSteel Splint Helmet Lining[s]
6* DarkSteel Splint Pauldron Casing[s]
6* DarkSteel Splint Pauldron Lining[s]
Craft Phase – Low Insignia:
2* Valkyrie Linen Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 3 Sharp Fangs[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine Helm/Shoulder with Valkyrie Linen Insignia
You should be LEVEL 250+
Craft Phase – High Insignia:
4* Cleric’s Linen Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 3 Engraved Totem[s]
4* Explorer’s Linen Insignia[s]= 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 3 Sharp Claw[s]
3* Berserker’s Linen Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 3 Vial[s] of Thick Blood
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine All armor sets with High Insignia making a total of 11 discoveries
  Note: you will not combine boots with Berserker’s insignia
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Cleric’s Linen Insignia[s]
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Explorer’s Linen Insignia[s]
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Berserker’s Linen Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 275+
Craft Phase – Embroided Insignia:
4* Valkyrie Embroidered Linen Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 5 Spool of Linen  + 8 Sharp Fang[s]
3* Carrion Embroidered Linen Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 5 Spool of Linen + 8 Heavy Bone[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Valkyrie Embroidered Linen Insignia[s]
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Carrion Embroidered Linen Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 300+
 NOTE:  IF you are not level 300+

Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith 300-375

94 40px-Silk ScrapSilk Scrap[s]
56 40px-Spool of Silk ThreadSpools of Silk (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
38 40px-Large FangLarge Fang[s]
24 40px-Large BoneLarge Bone[s]
12 40px-Large ClawLarge Claw[s]
Craft Phase – Refinments:
47 Bolts of Silk – Requires 94 Silk Scrap[s]
36 Mithril Ingot – Requires 72 Mithril Ore
56 Spools of Silk – Purchased from Crafting Vendor
Craft Phase – Components / Base Armor Sets:
Craft Phase – Low Insignia:
2* Valkyrie Silk Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Silk + 3 Large Fangs[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine Helm/Shoulder with Valkyrie Silk Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 325+
Craft Phase – High Insignia:
4* Rampager’s Silk Insignia[s] =  1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 3 Potent Venom Sac[s]
4* Explorer’s Silk Insignia[s]= 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 3 Large Claw[s]
3* Berserker’s Silk Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Linen + 3 Vial[s] of Potent Blood
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine All armor sets with High Insignia making a total of 11 discoveries
  Note: you will not combine boots with Berserker’s insignia
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Rampager’s Silk Insignia[s]
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Explorer’s Silk Insignia[s]
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Berserker’s Silk Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 350+
Craft Phase – Embroided Insignia:
4* Valkyrie Embroidered Silk Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Silk + 5 Spool of Silk + 8 Large Fang[s]
3* Carrion Embroidered Silk Insignia[s] = 1 Bolt[s] of Silk + 5 Spool of Silk + 8 Large Bone[s]
Craft Phase – Discoveries:
Combine Boots/Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Valkyrie Embroidered Silk Insignia[s]
Combine Glove/Helm/Shoulder with Carrion Embroidered Silk Insignia[s]
You should be LEVEL 375+
 NOTE:  IF you are not level 375+


Ok you will need to buy 2-4 recipes from the Crafting Vendor that are level 375. These recipes cost 672 karma. Please, feel free to buy whatever Recipes you have the most mats for. If you have the 15 Vial[s] of potent blood, make those inscritions etc etc

Guide Wars 2 Getting Glory Guide

Guild Wars 2 Getting Glory Guide by Dsmac

Here is a guide on how to get glory points in structured PvP for new players.

What are glory points?
Glory points is a currency that can be used to buy cooler looking PvP equipment and unlock reward chests. The more glory points you have the higher rank you can get and the rewards are even better.

Getting glory points
Killing enemies, capturing points, landing hits with trebuchet, ending game bonuses (winning and being top player).

Okay now let’s cover the details
BE SELFISH, yes that is correct if you want a larger amount of points be selfish. Getting glory is about being a smart player.

Player Killing
When killing enemies do not go alone. It does not matter if you can down a player. If you do not finish them and there is no team follow up, you wasted your time. Follow your team so you can use them to soak up damage. You need around 4-5 hits on a target to get credit on a finish. If you see a downed player that you have not damaged yet, do NOT finish right away. If you do so you will not be rewarded. You must hit the downed player a few times before finishing to get points.

Capturing Points
At the start of the map go to the closest capture point, because that generally guarantees you 10 points. Whenever you capture a point LEAVE! Leave, because if you are just sitting there defending like a good player, you will not be rewarded. You will probably end up in a 1v1 soon to become a 1v2 to a 1v3 situation. Even if you win the 1v1 you probably did not end up finishing your enemy, you get nothing. People understand that defending is worthless due to the current game system’s way of awarding glory. For the most part people just leave after capture. This now allows you to recapture the point for even more points. Keep it mind its not about playing the game properly it’s about playing smart.

Stick with the team unless you find someone you can 1v1 and win. Killing a player and finishing them gives the most points at a relatively fast rate. Do the fighting when capturing is too far away, because that is where the points are. Do NOT bait the enemy team or stall the enemy team from doing objectives by sacrificing yourself. This is pointless, because you can be spending your time trying to get kills. Winning the game only rewards you with around 20 extra points. Losing the game gives you 10 extra points. Again if your enemy captures a location, this opens up an opportunity to recapture the point for more points.

You only get credit for dealing damage so no.

Important Notes
You are not being rewarded for PvPing properly.
-Capture and recapture=success
-Time is money (glory), don’t waste your time doing nothing
-Points are not based on a team effort or effort for that matter.

Guild Wars 2 New Player Tips

Guild Wars 2 New Player Tips by greg

1. Purchase your gathering items asap. That’s a pick, an axe and a sickle that only cost a few copper and allow you to loot resource nodes.

2. There’s an option “melee targeting assistance” or similar that prohibits you from walking through enemies. It might be better to turn it off, depending on your preference.

3. Type in “/wiki” to open the GW2 wiki.

4. When playing on a foreign client you can instantly translate any game-text into English by pressing the right Ctrl button.

5. You can edit your own music into the game and have it play during different times as explained here: link to instructions

6. Press the Cogwheel top right corner of your inventory

Press Deposit all collectibles to put all crafting materials into the bank. (which later can be accessed from the crafting UI from a workstation)

7. Press hide/show bags to make the inventory window into one big bag insted of seperate bags

8. Also, finish a zone 100% to get nice masterwork (green) loot and a black lion key. (all hearts, points of interrest, vistas and waypoints

9. Don’t delete your first character without first sending your backpack,goggles to your new char

10. After you finish a ? quest, go to the ? guy and check for gear upgrades, they usually sell great stuff

11. Be sure to save 10 silver for when you hit level 11, as you have to buy access to your traits

12. Don’t buy violet weapons from vendor in the Mists, it has no dps (its probably for WvWvW). Buy exotic orange weapons.

13. Trebuchet on Battle of Kyhlo is op, it deals 9-11k aoe dmg and you can rush it from start and shoot before enemies take first base (windmill/mansion).

14. Cannon on beach map can be used, you just need to carry cannonballs from nearby ship. It deals 5k aoe dmg and you can shoot both beach and docks with it )

15. Never run away once you’ve completed a Dynamic Event. Try to talk to the NPC’s around you are try to follow any of the conversations NPC’s may have. There may just be one or more events coming up within a minute or 2

16. The mails u receive when u complete a heart are not just mails….take the money inside

17. If you see a resource node don’t rush to it only you can mine it.

18. – you can join the Heart of the Mist by going in Hero – PvP – click Heart of the Mist icon in the top left

19. You can travel to every Capitals by going to Lion’s Arch (take the Asura Portal in any Capital)

20. You have the option “sell junk” in your bags (in the bottom right), it will automatically sell all useless non-salvageable crap.

21. Keybind your weapon swap (as a matter of fact, I suggest to keybind everything

22. I suggest to turn ON auto loot in the options (you just spam “F” when you zerg instead of looting every corpse)

23. You can adjust your mouse turning speed with the slider in the options.

24. EXPLORE EVERYTHING. I found an awesome jumping puzzle yesterday in Lion’s Arch. A dead pirate was messing with me all the time.

25. #1 ability is your auto-attack, so you don’t need to keep spamming it like I did…

26. Adjust your Camera rotation speed to very high to remove that sluggish feeling when you mouse turn

27. You don’t need the bank to access your bank items. Any crafting stations come with bank slots.

28. There are no mail boxes. You can send items away with a right-click, and collect them through upper menu bar.

29. There is a range indicator on your abilities. There’s a red bar below the skill if you’re out of range.

30. You can do every single crafting profession in the game. You can have two active at a time. It costs some coin to switch them out and the fee depends on how many recipes you have. You don’t lose the recipes you have when you switch.

31. DON’T pass up on a harvesting spot. It literally takes 2 seconds, it’s free XP, and you never know if you’ll want to take up a profession that uses it later… you can also sell the raw mats when the TP is up.

32. If you’re getting into areas with mobs that are too difficult, but you’ve done all the other events in that zone (happened to me around level 20), check out the other races’ areas! You get scaled down to match the levels in those zones and can do all of their quests and events while still earning XP and Gear to match your own level!

33. you don’t need to be there when an event ends in order to get credit for it..

34. stick around after a dynamic event, some npc’s turn into karma vendors, (just like haert vendors often do)

35. if you’re being chased by a ranged monster, you can use another monster(a neutral one like a boar would work well) to block the bullets, thereby angering the neutral monster and causing a fight between the two, letting you escape more easily

36. You can redye your armor on your hero page absolutely free.

37. You can /kneel in front of statues and idols to receive some short-term boons

Guild Wars 2 Money Making Guide

Guild Wars 2 Making Money Guide by Wicklow

As some of you may have noticed that amount of gold you receive in Guild Wars 2 is much less than other MMOs.  I have thought about ways to preserve the gold you get and decided to share what I’ve come up, with you.

1. Be aware of the loot you get.  This is rule number one because it defines the way the rest of the choices are determined.  Do not simply mindless move your mouse through your bags clicking on whatever highlights blue for salvage.  I know the deposit all materials function is tons of fun, and I used to do this, but I 100% guarantee, you are losing a huge amount of gold.

2. Have a basic understanding and ability to determine what a trading post worthy piece of gear is.  For example it’s probably not worth it to put a blue piece of light armor with +healing and + crit damage on the trading post.  Not that there is a limit of things you can put up there, it’s just that you are wasting copper to post it and you are delaying the inevitable.   The inevitable is rule 3.

3. So you may be asking:  If I’m not salvaging the gear and I’m not putting it on the trading post then what am I doing with it?  The answer is, vendoring it.  However this is similar to rule number 1 in which you don’t mindless go through your bags clicking everything without a second thought.  You need to be a rational person when it comes to this and it will pay off in the long run.  The example I like to think about is taking a weapon that can be vendored for 1 silver.  Imagine you salvage it (its easy if you try).  You are awarded with a soft wood log.  Okay now let’s do some simple math.  Soft wood logs sell for the price you can vendor them for, on the trading post, 4 copper.  Now you may say “hey Wicklow, they sell for 3 copper”. And my response is that it takes 1 copper to post them on the trading post.  Why people sell them for this on the trading post is beyond me, but there they are regardless.  But I digress.  So you now have a log valued at 97 copper less than the original piece of loot.  As you can see,  the better choice was to sell it to a merchant.

4. How to determine what to sell and what to salvage.  This is a calculation you really need to make for yourself, and it takes a basic understanding of what you will receive from what you salvage and what that material sells for on the auction house.  Whatever threshold you set for determining the choice you make it’s important to realize that you will need to raise that threshold as you level, to account for the higher level gear drops.  As a point of reference here is my calculation I make at approximately level 50.  Anything above 30 copper in value gets vendored.  I feel like that’s a good place to be, but maybe I need to be moving it up to 35.  Also I always, always vendor heavy armor, and I’ve been beginning to vendor heavy armor scraps.  This is because there is no reason to be stockpiling so much ore.  You are already harvesting ore like a champ trying to get that exp.  and I feel, for me, that it’s really piling up.  This feeling is strengthened by looking at the prices of ore on the trading post, clearly others feel the same as I.  However there are no leather nodes or cloth nodes.  So I always salvage light and medium gear and the corresponding scraps.  I’m beginning to think I should raise the threshold for these items maybe even as high as 50 copper but I need to do a bit of research before I make that jump.  The reason I like light and medium armor so much is that the materials they break down into sell like hotcakes on the trading post, especially cloth. I think I’ve beaten this dead horse enough and if anyone has any questions on determining a threshold I’d be more than happy to answer them in team speak.

5.  The salvage kit paradox:  this is something that’s overlooked by many a player.  Let’s pick some arbitrary numbers for sake of easy mathematics.  You buy a salvage kit for 2 silver.  Each individual salvage you do is essentially valued at 8 copper.  Now let’s go back to the weapon example.  You salvage it and you get a nice soft wood log.  By hitting that salvage button you effectivly raised the value of that piece by 8 copper.  Now you go to sell you quard of shiny logs on the trading post, oblivious to the fact that you lost 1.04 silver.  You lost more money than the piece was valued at. That may make you feel bad but don’t worry, we have all made the mistake.  The moral of the story is:

Be aware of the loot you get
Sell appropriate loot on the trading post (power is always a nice stat)
Don’t mindless salvage everything else
Don’t mindless vendor everything else
Make a moveable threshold for the salvage/vendor determination
Never salvage heavy armor gear or heavy armor scraps
Be aware of the cost of the salvage kit itself

Lastly in a topic unrelated to loot drops but very much related to gold.  I know the waypoint system is fun but for the love of god, don’t use it like it’s going out of style, it’s much much much more effecting to run to 95% of the places you want to get to in terms of making gold and experience (harvesting etc.) Just use them sparingly, they are huge gold sinks.

Also if I have time I may do some research about what is the best salvage kit to use.  I’m not sure if it is worth using the better ones unless you need an upgrade, as in I’m not sure how effective the gain x% chance of finding rare materials is compared to the cost of the kit itself.  If I do a spreadsheet I’ll post it on a new topic,  keep your eyes out for it in the next couple of weeks.

When you post something the is an initial 5% listing fee.  If that item sells there is an additional 10% fee after the sale.  The percentage is based upon the price you post it at.  As an example you posted an item for 10 silver.  Initially there is a 50 copper fee, if it sells there will be another 1 silver fee.  For a total of 15% of the sale given to ANet.

Whenever you need to sell something on the auction house. This is the calculation that you need to make in order to determine if it’s better to sell or to vendor.

(Item posted price)*(1.15) > (vendor price)

If that equation isn’t true then DO NOT POST IT! YOU WILL LOSE MONEY.

An easy way to do a quick calculation is to look at the posting fee, double that number and then add both the fee and the doubled calculation to the listing price. Let’s go back to the 10 silver example

50 copper posting fee X 2 = 1 silver, 50 copper + 1 silver = 1.5 silver.  If the items vendor price is greater than 8.5 silver DO NOT POST IT!

I hope this helps some people

Guild Wars 2 Mystic Forge Guide

Guild Wars 2 Mystic Forge Recipes Research by tentenhun

Check the Mystic Weapon section to see how you can craft exotic max-stat weapons with 50 skill points

Update: It seems like the recipes with scrolls are exotic weapons or armors. This means you can get an exotic weapon for 50 skill points, mystic coins, and some mats. We should figure out what exotic weapons each recipe gets so people can get the exotic they want.
Also, probably some of these recipes are for legendary weapons precursors, and we should find out which ones they are.

Update 2: I think the higher the Mystic Coin number in the recipe, the harder the item is to get and the rarer it is. So the legendary precursors might be one of the recipes with a scroll and a higher number of coins

I’m pretty sure a lot of people have figured out Mystic Forge recipes, but are just hording the information to make profit, so I’m trying to share what I know and aggregate info from the community.

Quick primer on the Mystic Forge

The Mystic Forge does 2 things:

  • Random items when you combine 4 random items
  • Set recipes that give you the same thing each time. A lot of these are level 80 exotics weapons/armor. I’m pretty sure each recipe with a scroll gives an 80 exotic. We just have to figure out which recipes give what.

So I bought a lot of singletons of crafting materials so I could see what recipes the Mystic Forge has. Here’s what I found. Here’s a list of shorthand I use (Miyani is the NPC next to the Mystic forge)

  • Wine = Elonian Wine – 25.6 silver from Miyani.
  • Scroll = Eldritch Scroll – 50 skill points from Miyani
  • Crystal – 5 for 3 skill points from Miyani
  • C. Dust – Crystalline Dust
  • Ecto – Glob of Ectoplasm – get it from salvaging level 80 rares with a master salvage kit
  • When I refer to fine crafting materials like bones, I mean the tier 6 version (e.g. Ancient Bones). Anything lower won’t work, but you can transmute lower tiers up using philosopher stones.

Common and Fine Material Promotion

Check the wiki http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mystic_Forge. This will tell you how to turn copper or into iron ore and large bones into ancient bones, for example.

2 Core + 1 Crystal + 1 Wine + 1 C.Dust = Lodestone
For example, if you use two Molten Cores you will get one Molten Lodestones. This is useful because I’m pretty sure some of the Lodestones, like Crystal Lodestone, don’t even drop from enemies since there are no high-level branded enemies

Upgrading Siege Weapons:
5 mithril ore + 5 elder wood log + 2 siege weapons + siege masters guide = stronger siege weapon

Mystic Weapon (level 80 exotics with particle effect):


1 scroll + 30 coins + 5 component A + 5 component B
For example, to make a sword you use 5 orichalcum hilts and 5 orichalcum blades. It only accepts level 80 components (so orichalcum components)

Some people are having trouble, so here’s a more thorough explanation. Go to http://www.gw2db.com/ and then go to recipes for the craft that makes the weapon you want. Then click on one of the pearl weapons of the type you want (the affix doesn’t matter, so Berserker’s or Carrion or any of those is fine). Now look at the ingredients of that recipe. One will be an inscription, and the other two will be the components you want.

For example if you want a greatsword, you would look at http://www.gw2db.com/recipes/8487-berserkers-pearl-broadsword and see the components are Orichalcum Greatsword Blade and Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt. So then the recipe you would use is
1 scroll + 30 coins + 5 ori greatsword blade + 5 ori greatsword hilt
and you would get Mystic Claymore

See the bottom for a gallery of Mystic weapons and their stats that I’ve collected so far. The stats are set and will always be the same. You can also check the PvP locker to preview them.

Gaze of Demon Summoning (level 80 focus – 64 pow 64 vit, 90 cond dmg, sup. sigil of demon summoning)
1 scroll + 40 coins + 5 crystals + 50 skulls

Glint’s Scale of Rage (Focus) http://imgur.com/VP7TA
1 scroll + 30 coins + 30 crystals + 10 wine

Malice of Debility (Focus) http://i.imgur.com/EJXWL.jpg – Discovered by Magisters MarkGames and NinjaSakura
1 scroll + 30 coins + 100 lemongrass + 100 spools of gossamer

Cooguloosh of Battle (Focus) http://i.imgur.com/XeK6b.jpg – Discovered by Magister trsc2
1 scroll + 30 coins + 30 Coral Orb + 30 Opal Orb

Tear of Grenth of the Hydromancer (level 80 dagger -64 power, 90 precision, 64 condition damage) – Discovered by Magister shaft_ed 
1 scroll + 30 coins + 250 c. dust + 10 molten lodestones

Naegling (Greatsword) http://i.imgur.com/q35R6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bpiCu.jpg – Discovered by Magister gubben11
1 scroll + 20 coins, + 100 orichalcum ingots + 50 powerful bloods

Fate of Menzies (Torch) http://imgur.com/a/avtfp – Discovered by Magister Speedstersonic
1 scroll + 70 coins + 100 bones + 30 molten lodestones

Courage (Focus) http://imgur.com/jFiTf – Discovered by Magister Lorne77
1 scroll + 1 wine + 20 coins + 20 c. dust

20-50 t6 fine materials – Output amount is currently undergoing research, may not be 20-50 – Discovered by Magister GrennEU. Also received reports that this makes mystic clovers, but that may be inaccurate. 
10 Obsidian Shards + 10 Ectoplasm + 10 Crystal + 10 Coins = 20-50 of a random t6 material
You get the Obsidian Shards from the Karma vendor after you complete temple of Balthazar in Straits of Devestation.


1 scroll + 30 coins + 50 corrupted Lodestone + 50 glacial Lodestone
1 scroll + 40 coins + 60 crystals + 100 c. dust
1 scroll + 40 coins + 100 orichalcum ingots + 20 charged lodestones
1 scroll + 50 coins + 250 ectos + 250 ancient large hilts
(There are probably more recipes with stack of ectos and stack of a weapon component like a hilt)
1 scroll + 50 coins + 250 powerful blood + 250 vicious claw
1 scroll + 50 coins + 250 powerful blood + giant eye
1 scroll + 50 coins + 50 destroyer lodestones + 50 molten lodestones
1 scroll + 50 coins + 50 ruby orbs + 100 orichalcum ingots
1 scroll + 70 coins +10 wine + 250 ecto
1 scroll + 70 coin + 10 orichalcum ingot + 250 ecto
1 scroll + 100 coins + 50 obsidian shards + 250 onyx lodestones
1 scroll + 100 coins + 250 ecto + 250 orichalcum greatsword blade
250 c. dust + 250 totems + 250 venom sacs + 250 bloods
250 fangs + 250 scales + 250 claws + 250 bones
1 Scroll + 1 Bloodstone Shard + 250 Ecto + 100 Coins


Scroll + Ecto + Crystal + ?
Scroll + Ecto + Philo Stone + ?
Scroll + Coins + ruby orb + ?
Bloodstone Shard + Obsidian Shard + Gift of Exploration + ?

There are also probably recipes using the other lodestones, but I ran out of money and couldn’t buy them to find out. Let’s work together as a community and chart this unexplored territory! I’m pretty sure some of these recipes at least give you the exotic components for legendaries.
If the reddit community can band together and chart new territory, then I think that would be awesome! To the best of my knowledge the results of these recipes isn’t available publicly anywhere.

Mystic Weapon gallery/stats

Longbow: Stats – http://i.imgur.com/BO8Ya.jpg
Gallery – http://i.imgur.com/KQO1B.jpg

Scepter: Stats and Preview – http://i.imgur.com/s1mi8.jpg

Staff: Stats and Preview – http://imgur.com/sZBXh

Sword: Stats and Preview – https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=b3dfcfca7bf96f04&id=B3DFCFCA7BF96F04%21473&sff=1


Hammer: Stats and Preview – http://i.imgur.com/eZuF5.png

Dagger: Stats and Preview – http://i.imgur.com/a592K.jpg

FIghting Ancient Kraka!!!!!Image