News Mash: The Next Cube? Definitely preferable over the Kojiro this Christmas!

Anguished Repose


More human-like than EVER!

Is it odd that the thing that freaks me out the most about THIS (below)…

Is that it’s wearing tennis shoes?


Just not sure why that’s necessary.

(—Researchers at the University of Tokyo have taken another step towards creating a robot with a faithfully recreated human skeleton and muscle structure. Called Kenshiro, the robot has been demonstrated at the recent Humanoids 2012 conference in Osaka, Japan. Kenshiro is the next step for the researchers. Their previous effort resulted in a robot they called Kojiro – a robot that demonstrated the huge strides that have come in mimicking the human body, as well as the very long road yet to travel. In this new iteration, Kenshiro was preceded by a robot concept the team called Kenzoh. In that effort the team found that simply adding artificial muscle and bones generally tended to create weight…

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