Hello everybody and also future readers for this blog, just a short introduction about this blog.  : )

This the place where I will share with you all every Otaku matters that I came across during my daily internet life~

Minnasan !!! don’t be shy and feel free to share your thoughts and comments with me!!!

As the name of the blog is call Oni Player ( Ghost Player) just don’t know what else to put…… I will be covering these topics in the near future~

1) Games Reviews

2) Games Tutorials

3) Games Trailers

4) Cosplayer photos

5) Cosplayer Data

6) News on the otaku world

7) New Animes

8) Movies Reviews

9) Movies Trailers

10) New mangas

11) Manga Review

12) Everything else I feel like posting

I’m currently playing resident evil 6, Guild wars 2 (mostly) and real life online.

My interested mostly on mecha and yes I’m a super robot wars series fans, Tekken is my favorite fighting games in the arcade and I used to play white knight chronicles both 1 and 2.

As for anime I’m currently chasing after sword art online and manga I have kenichi,one piece, Beelzebub and fairytail ~ any of you reading these as well?? We can share info together~

Hope that we will get along and please check on my post and support this blog !

Thank you for reading my first post~

Best Regards,

Oni Player~