Ragnarok Online 2 ( RO2) SEA OB ~I am a swordsman : )

One day since RO2 SEA Open Beta ( Thanks to asiasoft ……..)

I’ve choose a swordsman as my character profession because I wanted to try out Knight, you know those holy warrior with strict code of justice wannabe :p

Knight from RO2
Knight from RO2

I rarely play a tanker or melee class in most of my online games, to be honest I think that sometimes you need to change to other classes to try out new things and play style.

I Am currently Level 13 and the reason I am writing this blog is due to the log in timeout problem that occurs to the server…….. : (

Level 1 – 10 guide for leveling

Don’t bother much about your equipment and just take every single quest you can get and please party up even with unknown people as it really helps you in clearing quest fast.

Along the way remember to collect minerals or crafting materials according to your Job, this not only allows you to level up your job faster but you can also sell the materials in auction house when you reach Prontera City.

What to Choose for Combat Class and Job ?

It is up to you but I recommended Swordsman for blacksmith as you can craft your own weapons and armor later on the games, you don’t need any light or cloth armor…… chef might be good for you as food will provide buffs after being consumed.

Level 7 – Lurker Fly

Now this is a boss quest in your khara Quest ( the new system that gives you titles to boost up stats)

It takes a full party and I recommend to have a healer with you as the boss attack its quite painful. Shout for party as the title “Lurker Hunter” provide you one of the best stats booster available in early game.

The Lurker is near a red mobs call summon dunno what its a female monster with a staff after the second flying service girl u saw….. sorry that I cant provide the exact location as I can’t log in to the game.

Ro2 Khara system
Ro2 Khara system

What Should I Prepare ??

In early stages don’t worry much about Cards or Equipment the first thing you have to do is get all medium bags or small bags so you will have slots for your loot. I faces some problem during level 7 as I don’t have enough slots for newer items. So make sure you clear up your bags and get bigger bags!!!!!

RO2 In game
RO2 In game

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Here’s a video for you all Enjoy~~~