Ragnarok Online 2 Tank Class Skills Analysis

Ragnarok Online 2 Tank Class Skills Analysis by Ibelndal

Alright so I’ve been doing a bit of research for a friend of mine that I’ve known and played MMOs with for a LONG time. He was planning on making a tank of some sort in OBT, and asked me to look into the different nuances of the tank classes and do a bit of theorycrafting for him (mostly because the large part of the joy I get out of MMOs is just that, making charts, spreadsheets etc to maximize DPS, threat generation, healing efficiency, boss strats, that sort of thing). I’ll start with initial information that can be gathered simply from the RO2 skill simulator.

DR = Damage reduction
CD = Cooldown
s = seconds

Grizzly form (Max HP +65% aggro +300%)
Feral Defense (DR +50% for 10s) cannot move or use skills (120s CD)
Survival: (Max HP and recov +25% for 15s) (60s CD)

aura armor (damage reduction 5%, max hp 20%, aggro 300%)
aura shield (20% DR for 10s) (60s CD)
shield fortress (50% DR for 10s) cannot move or use skills during (120s CD)
Aura Heal (Healed for 6% of Damage you do) (20s CD)

Flee (+20% Evasion for 10s) (60s CD)
Protection Ki (50% DR for 10s) (120s CD)
stone skin (max hp +35% defense +200% aggro 300%)
Iron Palm (Defense +50%)

aura armor (damage reduction 5%, max hp 20%, aggro 300%)
Parrying (Block rate +40% for 10s) (60s CD)
Endure (DR +40% for 10s) 120s CD
Defender (Defense +39%, Evasion +30%, Block +30% Attack -10%) (not sure if there’s a duration or not)
Tension Relax (+60% HP recovery over 20s) (120s CD)

Now, a couple of things:
– Initially upon looking at just the skills the “tank” classes get, it’s VERY clear that Beastmaster is meant more for an offtank role or simply as a safety net in case one of your tanks gets dropped so you can buy time to res them. Now since I haven’t played this class at all I’m not sure how stats effect their survivability (someone that’s been playing kRO2 would be awesome to chime in here).
– If I’m being honest, Knight looks overall fairly underwhelming as far as tanks go. Their big “oh crap” skill completely immobilizes them, and the only sort of survival skills they get are flat damage reduction, and for the most part in my experience evasion is always better then just reduction.
– Monk seems like it has a pretty solid kit overall, has some decent evasion, as well as a 50% DR skill for when things get dicey. Not to mention the passive +50% defense is pretty awesome looking.
– At first glance Warrior actually looks like it has the best tanking kit out of all of them. They get a block steroid, a DR buff, then a buff that increases ALL their defensive stats at the cost of a measely 10% attack. Not to mention a rather beefy Heal over time to lessen the strain on your healers.

As I’ve said I haven’t gotten a chance to play these classes personally (partly because I almost exclusively play healers), and because I can’t get on kRO2 and got into CBT fairly late. As I said I’m trying to gather more information on these classes for some further theorycrafting, so anyone with experience with these classes being able to chime in on stuff would be amazing.

Ragnarok Online 2 Knight Build Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Knight Guide by TakeoTakeda

Hello Everyone!

It has been 3 days since beta test for RO2 announced. Everyone’s having fun and trying to level up his or her character to lvl 30 to get those permanent headgear! :3. Definitely there’s some of you choose to become swordman and decide to take the noble Knight’s road! But do you know what’s Knight? How do we play? perhaps not! In order to help those guys in need, I made this guide~



The identified “Main Tank” of RO2,Knights fight in close combat and are heavily suited in strong armor.Once ordained as an honorable Knight they become members of the Knights of Prontera where they can learn powerful skills.”For justice and Honor!” is the cry Knights use for discipline as they try to become a good role model for others.A Knights superior strength in foundations and leadership is a tremendous asset to the Kingdom of Prontera.

Oh oh, so basically , Knight is a tank! so what STATS should I go for????
Well in my opinion, your should add your stat according to this:
40 str
40 vit
8 agi


40 STR
30 VIT
Rest are agi (since basically 10 vit will only grants you 60 more hp.)

STR – increase your Phy. attack and your parry rates
VIT – Increase your HP
AGI – Increase your dodge rates and critical rates.

so now I know what stats should I go for, how bout SKILLS?! I don’t want to screw up and end up buying scroll skill reset? D:

This is my supposedly-in-future build:

This is my in-plan build:

Swordman Skill

Bash 5/5
max this skill since it is your everyday skill!

Head Assault 5/5 or 1/5
Max or leave this at lvl 1. your choice!

Provoke 1 /5
aggroing monster. leave it at lv 1

Battle Orders 5/5
need to say more? 10% str baby! max it!

Aura Strike 5/5
Definitely max this. This will be one of your main attack.

Wide Provoke 1/5
just leave it at lv 1. Not as effective as your pots! XD

Armor Aura 5/5
this is a MUST have skill for Knight. 300% agrro, 20% more hp. need to say more? MAX this!

Sword Aura 1/5
lalala~ baka~ leave it at lv 1. lol

Magnum Break 0/5
don’t bother spending your precious point here~

Battle Manual 0/5
same as above~

Knight Skill

Aura Mastery 2/3 or 3/3
go for 3/3 if you have extra skill points

Concentration 0/3
a BIG NO-NO. you’re a tank, there’s no point increasing damage taken. *sigh*

Aura Heal 0/3 or 3/3
max this if you want to heal yourself. Though, I recommend to leave this as 0/3 since even with full epic equipment, it only heals you up to 300 hp.

Shield Charge 1/5

Shield Boomberang 1/5
Just to agro/kite monster. leave this at level 1.

Aura Shield 5/5
Max this. reduce 20% damage taken for 10seconds. will definitely come handy when party dungeon / raiding!

Shield Boomberang Mastery 1/5

Grand Cross 3/3
your one and only AOE skill! max this! XD

Shield Cannon 5/5
the most powerful skill you’ll ever have. MAX IT!

Shield Bash 1/5
just leave it at lv 1. This is to knockdown monster for 3 sec. Definitely useful in pvping

Shield Fortress(5/5)
your party buff. works greats!

Well, I know that it’s hard when you screwed up with your skill, but hey, no pain no gain!

So, uhm. another question! how ’bout EQUIPMENT?!
Well, before you’re hitting lv 50, I suggest you using any type of equipment. just get some green and blue, here and there. When you’re lvl 50, try to join Hard Dungeon Mode for cool blue equipments and Raids (PVP arena and Bapho raids) for epic equipment!.

ONE LAST QUESTION! I saw there’s card slot in my character’s screen. what does it do and what CARD should I put in those slot?
Well, basically those card slot are for used to boost your stats. at lv 1, you have 1, at lv10, you’ll have 2 slot and so on.
Well, in my honest opinion, you should use whatever card that increase your str/agi/vit but at lvl 50 I suggest you go with Raider Snatcher Card x 5 (THIS IS FOR LVL 50)(it boost your vits +12 and other stats +6).

There you go folk! HOPEFULLY, this guide will help you in your journey to become the best or one of the best Knight in midgard! Till we meet again!

Ragnarok Online 2 ( RO2) SEA OB ~I am a swordsman : )

One day since RO2 SEA Open Beta ( Thanks to asiasoft ……..)

I’ve choose a swordsman as my character profession because I wanted to try out Knight, you know those holy warrior with strict code of justice wannabe :p

Knight from RO2
Knight from RO2

I rarely play a tanker or melee class in most of my online games, to be honest I think that sometimes you need to change to other classes to try out new things and play style.

I Am currently Level 13 and the reason I am writing this blog is due to the log in timeout problem that occurs to the server…….. : (

Level 1 – 10 guide for leveling

Don’t bother much about your equipment and just take every single quest you can get and please party up even with unknown people as it really helps you in clearing quest fast.

Along the way remember to collect minerals or crafting materials according to your Job, this not only allows you to level up your job faster but you can also sell the materials in auction house when you reach Prontera City.

What to Choose for Combat Class and Job ?

It is up to you but I recommended Swordsman for blacksmith as you can craft your own weapons and armor later on the games, you don’t need any light or cloth armor…… chef might be good for you as food will provide buffs after being consumed.

Level 7 – Lurker Fly

Now this is a boss quest in your khara Quest ( the new system that gives you titles to boost up stats)

It takes a full party and I recommend to have a healer with you as the boss attack its quite painful. Shout for party as the title “Lurker Hunter” provide you one of the best stats booster available in early game.

The Lurker is near a red mobs call summon dunno what its a female monster with a staff after the second flying service girl u saw….. sorry that I cant provide the exact location as I can’t log in to the game.

Ro2 Khara system
Ro2 Khara system

What Should I Prepare ??

In early stages don’t worry much about Cards or Equipment the first thing you have to do is get all medium bags or small bags so you will have slots for your loot. I faces some problem during level 7 as I don’t have enough slots for newer items. So make sure you clear up your bags and get bigger bags!!!!!

RO2 In game
RO2 In game

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Here’s a video for you all Enjoy~~~

Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second CBT Videos

This is some videos from Korean CBT well some way to spend time waiting for the delayed OBT for RO2 SEA…… Gosh!!! Asiasoft…

Cooking and some other stuff~~~ U wanna be a chef??


Character creation ~ what hair colour or style you are choosing??? Im going for black or white


LvL 50 and dungeon raid time !!!!!


I wish all of you Asgardians a happy new year and also see you in game soon ~~~