Ragnarok Online 2 – Payon Dungeon Moonlight flower

Written By LordHi

Moonlight Flower can be found on the 4th floor of Payon Dungeon for characters of lvl’s 28-34. And the few bosses at mid-lvl with an actual mechanic that must be obeyed if not the entire party will i repeat WILL face a wipe.

Now it is greatly advised that you get a priest with the emergency aoe heal and dmg protection that is “SANCTUARY” just in case and that MAXIMUM only 3 members of your party are melee, anything more and the healer cannot cope.

There are few essentials that you must get down if you are to attempt this boss.

1.) The boss will cast an aoe stun occasionally that ranges in duration from 1-2 seconds and drops 2 tombstones next to her. DPS down these 2 tombstones, they will spawn 2 NPC’s on your side whom will grant an aura buff reducing 30% dmg of the stun that Moonlight Flower will cast occasionally. Please note the aura buff radius is incredibly small meaning you have to literally stack on top of the NPC’s spawned.

2.) She will spawn 3 Foxes (1.5-2.5k hp, cant really remember) as is the usual RO2 boss mechanic at random intervals. Recommend that you dps down these quickly as they usually go for the healers immediately.

3.) She will also cast an occasional black circle around her with a rather large radius, the only WARNING that you will get prior to this is a WHISTLE. When you hear that whistle, the black circle will spawn 1-2 seconds later on the position in which she whistled from so when you hear the whistle you can pull her away first and the circle will spawn at that original position that you pulled her away from 1-2 seconds later, so pull her away from the position where she whistled and get out of there ASAP.It is VERY IMPORTANT that you pull her OUT of the circle and that NO party members are inside of the circle. FAILING to do so will result in either an instant wipe or 1-1.5k dmg.

(*NOTE: Seems that if she is nearby the circle the AOE wipe dmg will still trigger, Recommend you pull her a bit away from the black circle.)

(*ADDITIONAL NOTE: There are occasions of her casting her stun just as the black circle comes out, thus not giving you enough time to run causing a wipe. Please I cannot stress this enough, listen out for the WHISTLE. You hear that, you run.)

4.) (*Unconfirmed) She will also occasionally cast a black swirling tornado around her body immediately. This damage is UNAVOIDABLE and can range from 200hp to 50% of your hp or none at all (Which is weird, and I hope someone can clarify this). So bring pots along.

5.) Once her HP reaches 45,000 she will summon 2 illusions of herself with hp ranging from 3.5-4.5k. Immediately shift all dps to them and get rid of these as a few seconds later she WILL summon 3 foxes and your healer will not be able to cope nor will your tank be able to pull them all. Be warned certain parties at this stage might find all of themselves with HP’s around 200-500HP. It is at this point that the priest’s Sanctuary AOE heal and dmg protection comes in handy as it is a LIFESAVER. Like I said only a few parties will face such a crisis, not all.

(*NOTE: The effect of sanctuary is only within 10M radius of the priest so make sure everyone is within that safety zone.)

Once you pass the illusion stage, it is pretty much the same thing. Just listen out for the whistle, stay near the 2 NPC’s to get dmg reduction from her stuns and pull her out of the black circle and deal with the mobs accordingly.

Credits to kanapwn and BerryX on Jormungand server for explaining most of the mechanics to me on my first time and getting it down on our 3rd attempt with 3 new guys on the party.


Here’s a video for the dungeon