Swords Story – Sting ( Lord of the Rings)

Sting was an Elvish long knife made in Gondolin during the First Age.



Sting was an ancient blade and was lost during the Fall of Gondolin, the same battle in which Turgon fell and Glamdring was taken.

The blade was carried by Bilbo in The Hobbit after he found it in a Troll-hoard. Sting was found alongside Glamdring and Orcrist. Though just a knife by the standard of elves, it made a perfect short sword for a Hobbit. A typical Gondolin weapon, it glowed blue whenever Orcs/Goblins were close by. It was christened Sting by the spiders of Mirkwood Forest, many of whom were “stung” by Bilbo with it.

Just before his nephew left on his quest to Mordor, Bilbo gave Sting to Frodo.Sam then took the weapon from his (seemingly dead) master and used it to good effect against Shelob on the borders of Mordor. After the defeat of Sauronat the end of the Third Age, Frodo entrusted Sting to Sam and it became an heirloom of the Gamgee family.

Gollum, who disliked anything made by the elves, was afraid of Sting. This fear aided Bilbo when he confronted Gollum in a cave at the base of the Misty Mountains in The Hobbit (the book). It also helped Frodo and Sam subdue Gollum in The Lord of the Rings. Orcs also had an instinctive fear of these weapons and hated any who carried them.

As is fitting for a blade of Gondolin, Sting could easily cut through the webs of the offspring of Ungoliant, including the spiders of Mirkwood and the evil Shelob herself.

The only way to explain the sword’s survival through the War of Wrath is that the sword somehow was taken out of Beleriand within the 43 years after Gondolin’s fall and before the end of the First Age. This was most likely accomplished by one of the flightless dragons involved in Gondolin’s fall, most probably the dragon later to be known as Scatha the Worm. After fleeing east with the spoils of Gondolin, including Glamdring, Orcrist, and Sting, Scatha established a lair on the southern slopes of Grey Mountains (Ered Mithrin). Roughly around 2000 of the third age, Scatha was killed by Rohirrim leader Fram but the hoard was disputed by the dwarves (it undoubtedly did contain many dwarven treasures as well, like the horn gifted to Meriadoc by Eowyn). The dwarves killed Fram and made off with some of the hoard most likely including the swords of Gondolin. The swords would have been used 700 years later in the battles between the dwarves and the orcs revenging the death of Thror and culminating in the Battle of Nanduhirion (where young Thorin Oakenshield earned his name). Thus the orcs would have a fresh fear of Biter and Beater (as demonstrated by their reactions when they capture Bilbo and company). Years after the battle, the dwarven wielders of the Elvish swords were most likely relocating to Lindon during the Fell Winter of 2911 when they were waylaid unsuspectingly by trolls in the Ettenmoors. Thus the swords ultimately fell into the hands of the three trolls from The Hobbit by the end of the Third Age


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If you take nothing else from the release of Nintendo’s Wii U, you should be able to realize one simple truth: the company is never afraid of trying new things. Fortunately for them, the end result always seems to be a resounding success. “Hardcore” purists can debate on and off about what kind of success Nintendo has achieved, but we are not here to argue about semantics. We’re here to talk about a crispy out of the box, honest to god brand new console after the six to seven years of abuse we’ve given our current consoles.

Demi and I got a chance to pick up the Wii U Deluxe Edition, and here are our two cents on this year new release.




First thing you’ll notice when popping open the box is the console itself. It surprised me just how long the device was. I expected something a…

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Guild Wars 2 Daily Achievements Guide

Guild Wars 2 Daily Achievements Guide by Charlatan

If you’ve logged onto GW2 and only have a little time to play, I think one of your best uses of time is to work through your daily achievements.

Why do you want to do this?
1. It’s easy
2. It’s pretty fast
3. You get a nice reward, a chunk of xp, and a little coin
4. Achievements! You get achievement points, which you can use for…. uh…. you can…. uh… they’re pretty!

You can (and probably will) complete your daily achievement automatically just by playing, that’s how easy it is! But it’s worth it to ensure you complete your achievement. So before you log off, check your achievement and see if you can easily complete it – the rewards are worth it!

How do you do this?

1. Open your hero panel by hitting H. Then click on the achievement icon on the left. You should see your current Daily Achievement status:

hero panel: starting dailies

There’s 4 components to the daily achievement: number of kills, kill variety, raw material gathering, and events. As you see, in the area labeled 1, you need 10 kills, which will award you with 1 achievement point (the little 1 with the achievement point symbol to the right of the 0/10 kills bar). The part labeled 2 indicates you need to kill 5 different types of enemies – so for instance a boar, a grub, a mosquito, and so forth. Each different type of creature you kill counts just once for the kill variety. Section 3 says you must gather 3 items, and section 4 says you need to participate in one event.

As you go through playing the game, your bars will start to fill up. See the little gray 1’s at the end of each category? That’s the rank of the achievement you’re working toward. As you fill up a category (say you kill 10 mobs) you will get 1 achievement point and will complete rank 1 of the kill quantity achievement. Completing rank 1 will open up rank 2. Completing 2 opens up rank 3 and completing 3 (when applicable) opens up rank 4. Each further rank simply requires you to perform more of that activity.

Here’s a picture of the daily achievement underway. Note that the kill quantity is still on rank 1: I’ve only killed 7 of the required 10 mobs. However, the kill variety section (number 2) is on rank 2: I killed 5 different types of mobs for rank 1 (see the previous pic) and the display has moved on to the next rank: kill 8 different types of mobs.

daily achievement underway

As you continue killing mobs, gathering materials, and participating in events, eventually you will complete a category. Here’s a picture of the achievement panel after I’ve gathered all required items for the gathering portion. See how it says “Completed” off to the right? That’s how you know that portion is done.

daily achievement almost done

The final numbers you need are:

60 mobs
15 different types of mobs
20 gathers
5 events

Once you complete all the sections, you’ll get an achievement and a chest will pop up on the right side your screen just above the minimap: you don’t need to grab anything, it just shows up and it’s yours! Click the chest icon on the right side of the screen and it’ll open and give you some fabulous rewards!

In this case I got some silver, some xp, and a Mystic Coin (which is used in the Mystic Forge – these are valuable, so hang on to them). Other rewards you may get will include transmutation stones, remote bank access NPCs, repair golems, vendors, or remote Trading Post pick up merchants.


So here’s some tips for completing your daily:

1. You know those little white non-combat mobs you see around: frogs, sparkflies, whatever: these DO count for both variety and for the kill count. So don’t be afraid to kill those harmless creatures as you run by them!

2. Chopping down trees and Mining ore both contribute more than gathering plants, since you receive 3 gathers of wood/ore for those nodes. So chopping or mining are more “efficient” than just grabbing a plant.

3. The only types of events that count for the event portion are dynamic events: hearts don’t count, nor do skill challenges. There is no memory of the events you’ve done so if you complete the same event more than once, you receive credit for it each time you complete it. Events have to complete for you to receive credit for them. If you hit a few mobs for an event and run off, and the event completes later, you receive credit. However, if you help with an escort quest, and later on the escort NPC gets conked out and needs to be revived, you will not receive any credit. I believe events have to succeed for you to get credit.

4. Daily achievement tallying resets at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific) which can be in the middle of when you’re playing, so plan accordingly!

5. Note that this achievement is account-wide: which means each day you can only do this for one character each day. No more of this having to log on your Ranger, do the daily, log on your Warrior, do the daily, log on your Necro, do the daily… and so forth. Just do it once!

That is all!

Hope that this will help you guys with busy schedule.