Guild Wars 2 Videos

Guild Wars 2 Angry Review!!! SO ANGRY!

Should you buy Guild Wars 2??? YEAH!!! Watch the gameplay

Guild Wars 2 Commandos!

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Videos

  1. Thanks for Following “Dark’s Media Empire”

    I played WoW for about 5 years, then stepped away earlier this year.

    I tried the Free 10 Day of the Pandaria, but my Computer keeps shutting down

    I assume/figure it’s my graphic’s card, which is Integrated (64)

    I never had an issue with WoW even though I’ve always had Integrated Graphics Cards, and have always played on Laptops…

    But I’m thinking maybe they increased the Graphics, and now it might be knocking me off line.

    I’m not sure that I can Upgrade the Graphics Card on this Laptop or not… I know some you can, and some you can’t

    I need to figure it out, because I’m considering playing Guild Wars II, which looks very cool… But I suspect it will knock me off line as well


    1. Im playing on my Dell inspiron 15, well i set the graphic to low- mid level in case my graphic card cant take it.

      The game is worthy as just once time payment bbut during world events and world vs world vs world war sometimes will be laggy as 300-400 players are in the same spot.

      Thank you for following my page : ) do let me know if you are playing GW2 take care my friend.

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