Taiwan Fancy Frontier 21 Cosplay Photos

Here’s some photo of Taiwan Fancy Frontier 21 Cosplay and the standard is good  ~~

There are a few cosplayer which amazed me and especially the one from Gundam UC – Sinanju!!!

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Hope you guys enjoy~~~

Japan Wonder Festival Cosplay Photos





Hatsune Miku Cosplay and Dance (Hong Kong)

Found this video in youtube and kinda hooked up to it as the cosplayer looks cute plus she is dancing as well  * u *

I believe that this is for the launch for Hatsune Miku Project Diva few months ago in Hong Kong~

Enjoy the video~



P.S : Anyone know who is this girl please let me know : )

Swords Story – Snow Drinking Saber ( 雪饮狂刀)Storm Riders Fung Wan

Swords Story – Snow Drinking Saber ( 雪饮狂刀)Storm Riders Fung Wan.

Sword Story – Snow drinking saber from Fung Wan / Storm Riders

via Swords Story – Snow Drinking Saber ( 雪饮狂刀)Storm Riders Fung Wan.

Swords Story – Snow Drinking Saber ( 雪饮狂刀)Storm Riders Fung Wan


User: Nip Fung (simplified Chinese: 聂风; traditional Chinese: 聶風; Mandarin PinyinNiè FēngJyutping: Nip6 Fung1), or Wind, is one of the two protagonists. He was born in the Nip Family Village (聶家村) in Jiuquan. He specialises in kick styles of martial arts and wields the ‘Ice-Drinking Saber’ (雪飲刀) as his weapon, which he inherited from his ancestors. His prowess inqinggong is formidable, and as such, he is nicknamed “God Among the Winds” (風中之神). The “Berserk Blood” (瘋血) runs in him and his family, and will increase his powers drastically when he is angered, but the side effect is that he will enter a state of uncontrollable rage and become a monstrous beast in human form. In contrast with Cloud, Wind is more friendly and empathetic towards others. He appears attractive to women and has many admirers, due to his gentlemanly behaviour, kindness and good looks.

Chinese again sorry : ( ……

与绝世好一样,仍为女娲补天所余之物,此石唤作“白露”,同是石中之铁,天下间至寒之物,刀长三尺七寸,锋刃无瑕,乃聂家家传宝刀,先后为聂锋,聂人王,聂风佩刀。聂风为救苍生决战绝无神而入魔道,之后服天皇九转心丹心性尽失,雪饮亦沦为滥杀之魔刀。后聂风死战步惊云, 聂风亲手将雪饮拗断化为碎片攻向步惊云。雪饮因此销声于江湖。风云断浪一战后风云二人冰封埋剑崖廿余年,第二刀皇为解女儿第二梦思夫之苦,与猪皇寻获雪饮碎片将之重铸。后仍归聂风所有。


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